Sex Submissions Series: In Exchange

January 28, 2015 (3 years ago)
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(Sex Submissions are fictional stories created only to feed the mind of the readers. These are stories which ordinary men meet exxxtraordinary women, forced/submitted to the Gods of lust, and/or vice versa. So, just sit back, relax, enjoy reading and fap away!)


It was a typical end of an hectic study week. Before I headed home, I've decided to drop by at a shopping mall in Ortigas. I've seen on social media that a popular clothing boutique was having its “End of Season Sale” that day. As a young student and a sucker for clothing, I'd do anything to get my hands on new, cheap and quality fabrics. Besides, I didn't have a credit card on a young age, hence, I usually used up my “baon” for buying new stuff or any “kupit” I get from my parents from paying my tuition fee. Bad girl, indeed!

Anyway, I was along Ortigas Ave., riding a bus, when I texted my friends to come along and shop with me. They, too, are addicts for sale events. But 4/4 weren't available that time, so, sadly, I had to go on my own. We were just together earlier that day, celebrated one of my friends' birthday. I just have to leave soon because my parents were already sending a gazillion messages, instructing me to get home. But, sorry, Mom and Dad, I first need to drop by to this mall to pleasure myself in shopping.

But I was hoping I could still catch up because it was already pass 9PM, and the mall I was going to, closes at 10PM. Luckily, though, the bus was almost near. I still have less than hour to shop. For a girl, less than an hour is a slim window. We usually need 2-3 hours roaming around before we could really satisfy ourself. Feel sorry to the guys, I'm sure most of you would rather sit your ass down on a couch and just wait for your girlfriend to finish. I'm telling you, we'd rather shop on our own than to feel guilt for keeping you guys waiting. For those who doesn't have any problems, then good job, you deserve a medal! Ha ha!

Back to the story, so, as soon as I set my feet down inside the mall, I quickly went to this boutique. Aha! There were only a few shoppers left! I wouldn't have difficulties rubbing my elbows, squeezing my way into shelves of clothes. Immediately, I handpicked my favorite designs and colors.

As I was in the momentum of selecting sale items, a man approached me. He's an employee of that boutique, because he was wearing an ID and a shirt that has the brand's name printed all over it. A cute guy, to say at least. Not really my type, though, because I'm much taller than him. But he has a cute smile and can carry himself good. Of course, if you're working in a well-known clothing line, you should always look decent and fashionable.

“Ma'am, anu pong maitutulong ko sa inyo?”, he suddenly asked.

“Uhm, wala pa naman kuya. Namimili pa ako ng mga susukatin ko eh.”, I briefly explained.

“Okay po. Just let me know if you need some assistance.”

“Sure, sure. Thank you!”, as I continued on selecting fine fabrics.

Moments after, I lined up in the dressing room. The girl's changing room is separated from the guys, as most establishments are as well. But the crew is not. They can interchange to one side of the room to another. It gives them flexibility on where their services are needed by the clients.

“Hello, ma'am! Ilan po 'yang susukatin niyo?”, as the saleswoman, guarding the queue of the line, asked me.

“4 po, ate.”, I told her.

“Ok. Door number 5 na lang po.”, as she directed me.

I went inside and shut the door. Tried all the clothes that I selected, one by one. Since it was an “End of Season” sale, and it was the beginning of the monsoon season that time, most of the clothing that I picked were from the previous season, which is summer. Brought 2 tank tops, 1 short shorts and a maxi dress with me in the dressing room. Even though summer has officially ended, I'd still buy it for future use. And besides, swimming parties always happen when you're in college. That's where the fun is, right?

When I tried the maxi dress on, it was too small and won't fit. Having a chubby body has never become so easy for me. I got my body size because it was a genetic-given. Can't really do anything about it, ugh! Some of my guy friends were inviting me to enroll in a gym, but nope, that's not my thing. I'd rather have this voluptuous body than earn a hard muscle. Yuck!

“Ate?”, as I was calling the saleswoman.

I didn't get any reply from her.

“Ate?”, as I shouted again from inside the dressing room.

After few more minutes, a voice responded...

“Yes, ma'am! Anu po yun?”, a man's voice.

I opened the door, while still wearing the maxi dress. “Ay! Kuya, meron pa ba kayong Medium nito?”, asked of him. It's the same guy who approached me earlier.

“Check ko lang po, ma'am, ha?”, as he glanced my body before walking away.

Didn't close the door because I was waiting for him. Short after, he went back...

“Ma'am, wala na pong ganyang kulay eh. Sold out na.”, he explained.

“Ah, okay. Hm, ayoko naman ng Large. Hindi naman ako ganun kalaki. Diba, kuya?”, as I joked.

“Ho? Hindi ah! Sino nagsabi, saktan natin!”, he kid as well.

“Asus! Kunyari ka pa, kuya. Anyway, anong kulay na lang po meron?”

“Blue tsaka White na lang po.”

“Sige, white na lang. Pakikuha na lang, please?”

“Okay. Be right back po.”

I closed the door and tried the other stuff on. Good thing, though, all the other clothes that I picked fit very well on me. The tank tops were a bit tight but I didn't care, it was busting my chest. It'd be a perfect tool for teasing my guy friends. Ha ha! The maong shorts was okay, flaunting my behind. I wanted to buy all of it, including the maxi dress that I was still waiting from kuya.

All of a sudden, he knocked...

“Ma'am, ito na po yung white maxi dress.”, he said.

Opened the door to get the maxi dress. I was still wearing the tank top and the maong shorts...

“Thank you, kuya!”

He was a bit stunned when he saw me. Probably, he liked the outfit I was on.

“By the way, ma'am, we're almost closing. 10 minutes na lang po.”, as he broke his silence.

“Ay, okay. Sige, kuya, bibilisan ko na lang. Thanks for the reminder.”, as I acknowledged.

Gently closed the door and hurried to change. The white maxi looked great on me! Shit, I said to myself, I have to buy it. After few moments, I checked all the prices and see how much it would cost me to buy everything. The total seemed feasible but when I checked my wallet, fuck, I was short in cash! Needed an extra 1k to buy the maxi dress. Ugh!

Put back my normal clothes then went outside to ask kuya...

“Kuya, excuse me, hanggang kelan po kayo sale?”

“Last day na po ngayon, ma'am.”, he told me.

“Ganun? Shit, sayang naman! I really want this dress!”, in my disappointment.

“After today po, ipupull out na po namin yung mga ganyang damit. Baka hindi niyo na po mabalikan.”, as kuya explained.

“Hm, okay. Try ko lang ulit ha? Para maka decide ako. Wait lang.”, as I went back in the dressing room.

I tried it on again. Ugh! It would really make me piss off to leave it behind. Need to think, quickly. Then, abruptly, I thought of something naughty.

“Kuya?”, I voiced out.

“Yes, ma'am?”

Then opened the door while wearing the maxi dress...

“Bagay naman diba?”, as I was “getting” his opinion.

“Yes po. Looks perfect on you.”

“Kuya, kulang kasi pera ko. I really want this dress! Is there anything I could do to take this home?”, as I used my charm onto him.

“Ma'am, anu po ibig niyong sabihin?”, the guy was clueless.

“Hm, I'll let you touch any part of my body, in exchange, you'll let me take this dress home for free. Okay ba yun?”, made him a deal.

“Naku, ma'am, baka po mahuli tayo. Bawal po kasi yan.”, kuya lowered his voice.

“Mabilis lang naman eh. They won't even notice it.”, replied to him.

“Hindi po ako sure diyan, ma'am. Kinakabahan po ako.”

“Are you sure you don't want to? Sige, ok lang naman sakin.”

He was becoming so restless. I sensed that he really wanted to do it but he was being reluctant. Poor guy, ha ha! I was about to close the offer but then, he told me to wait for a minute. He just wanted to check what his colleagues were doing. I agreed and stood by.

After a couple of minutes, he returned and quickly went inside the dressing room...

“Ma'am, busy silang lahat. Nagpupull-out ng mga damit. Pero mabilis lang po tayo ha?”, kuya told me.

“Sure! A deal is a deal ha? Tutulungan mo akong iuwi 'tong dress na suot ko and you're free to touch anything. Ok?”

“Ok po.”, he hurriedly said.

“So, anong gusto mong hawakan?”

“Kanina ko pa kasi pinagmamasdan yang dibdib mo. Nakakatawag-pansin kasi ang pagkalaki nito. Pwede bang 'yan na lang?”, he requested.

“Hm, okay. Pero sa labas lang ha?”, I advised.

“Ok, kayo po bahala.”

“Huwag mo nga akong i-po, mas matanda ka pa sakin, kuya, ha ha!”, laughed silently. “Anyway, sige, go na.”, as I waited for him.

Kuya slowly coated his right hand over my left breast. He was shaking. But his groping went smoothly after completely feeling my chest. I was beginning to like it. I was heating up. This wasn't a bad idea after all. Was hoping that no one would distract our little enjoyment.

“Ang lambot, ma'am. Shit!”

I kept silent and just watched him fondle my boob. The A/C of the mall has been turned off, gave me more intense feeling. Then, I felt kuya's thumb searching for my nipple from outside the maxi dress and into my bra. He was having a hard time finding it, as the bra I was wearing that time is thick.

“Mahirap ba?”, I promptly questioned.

“Oo eh. Gusto ko sanang masilat yang utong mo. Kung pwede lang sana.”

“Sabi ko sa labas lang diba?”

“Sorry. Curious lang kasi ako.”, he was too straighforward.

Eventually, I submitted to him. His handle made me aroused anyway, so, what the hell? And, as long as he'll keep his promise, then, I'd do anything.

After a while, I pulled the left strap of the dress down, but kept my bra still on. He quickly moved his hand inside my bra by lowering it. In seconds, his fingers pinched my nipple, hardly.

“Ooh, fuck!”, I sobbed after that move.

“Ma'am, ang ganda ng utong niyo. Ang sarap dilaan.”, as he was starting to tease me.

I just shut my eyes as I savored his pinching. My blood was boiling inside. Lust electrified me. The dressing room was starting to fill with moist as our bodies were heating up. My spine was trembling in excitement. I never done a naughty thing before, especially in a public place. Likewise, I was nervous, for people might caught us. And for my parents, who were still waiting for me at that time.

Without hesitation, he quickly dove down on my chest to lick my nipple. I didn't have the chance to stop him, hence, I embraced him in delightfulness. This stranger got me in minutes and I was loving every bit of it!

“Sheeet! Ang sarap! Bilisan natin. Ooohhh!”, as silently as I could.

His tongue enveloped my stiff nipple as his hand squeezed my left boob in motion. He was so close to me. I felt his thing, already bulging inside his pants. It wanted to get free so I helped free itself. My right hand went on his zipper to pull it down. Used two of my fingers to slid his dick from his briefs. In no time, it was already outside.

“Hmmmmm...”, as he moaned while he continued to suck my chest.

I started masturbating it. It was so hard! The thrill helped it erect like fuck! God, it has been a long time since I touch a man's cock. My last was me ex's, dated almost a year ago. So, easy to say, I was also longing for some action. I've been dried out for months! But I didn't expect this guy, from a boutique store, would give me so much pleasure that I deserved.

“Kuya, hurry, fuck me naaahhhh...”, as I begged.

He stopped from sucking and turned me to face the mirror. His hands lifted my maxi dress and pulled my panties down. My ass was arched backwards. I felt his finger grounded the lips of my pussy. He inserted it inside, with force.

“Aaaahhh!”, as I voiced out.

“Basang basa ka na, ma'am. Sarap kantutin nito.”

“Hmmm, don't tease meee... Sheetttt!”, as his finger was going in and out of me.

“Sigurado ka ba dito sa gusto mo ha?”, he was taunting me.

“Yesss! Please, do me now!”, as I looked at him through the mirror.

Kuya positioned himself towards my waiting hole. His hand guided its tip to my opening. Then, I felt him from behind! Fuck, I missed being fucked! Never imagined it would be in a freaking dressing room, though. But damn, it was so sexciting!

“Aaaaahhh! Aaahhh!”, I moaned every time he pounded me.

“Ang sikip! Tanginaaaahhh!”

He was rapidly thrusting and ramming my innermost. His waist was clashing with my butt cheeks like crazy! It was making a weird sound that hopefully, no one didn't hear. All of a sudden, his hands pulled off the remaining strap of the dress and my bra. My boobs bounced out of it. He pinned me further to the mirror, reason for my chest to crash on it. My nipples were rubbing on the mirror's surface. My cheek and mouth were affixed to the mirror. My breath was creating a moist onto it. My hands were leaning against it as well. Damn!

“Uhhmmmmm.... Kuyaaahhhh! Fuck me harder!”, as I was challenging him to go faster.

“Ang libog niyo, ma'am! Puta kaahhhh!”, he was already talking dirty.

And kuya did up his pace. He was speedily screwing my twat. Angrily drilling its way in. He was so relentless! He might be relishing the experience as he knew, he could never do that to someone again. Unless, of course, if there's another brave and bitchy girl like me, who would get down with him. I doubt it, sorry to him!

“Tanginaaaahhh.... Malapit nakooohh!”, as quickly told me.

“Hmmm... Bilisan mo paaahhhh!”, pushed him to the limit.

He suddenly removed his thing and jerked his load all over the wooden wall on his right side. “OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!”, as he was trying to calmly moan. I turned around and observed what he was doing. Lots of cum were popped out. “SHHHEEEETTTTT”, he was letting out his last sobs.

While he was still at his moment, I began fixing myself. Removed the maxi dress and put my normal clothes back on. After a while, he, too, fixed himself.

“Paano mo lilinisin yan?”, then pointed it to his jizz.

“Ako nang bahala, ma'am. By the way, thank you ha? Ang sarap mo!”, as he put his cock back inside his pants.

“Well, I've done my part. Do yours! Paano mo mailalabas 'tong dress nang hindi nila mapapansin?”, I asked.

“Kailangan niyo pa akong hintayin, ma'am. Kasi ilalagay ko lang yan sa bag ko. For sure kasi, magaalarm yung metal detector padating niyo sa entrance ng store.”, he replied.

“Huh? Bakit hihintayin pa kita? Ang daya mo naman!”, with my irritated voice. “Hina ba pwedeng tanggalin na lang yung nakakabit dito sa dress para hindi mag alarm?”

“Kung tatanggalin po natin, nasa cashier yung remover niyan. Eh madaming makakahalata pag ginawa ko... Read More

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