sex outside my dorm

July 20, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Hi, this is a true confession. Call me Carla coz thats what my friends used to call me.
If you are going to look at me personally, you really cant see that I have a bitchy thing inside of me.
I love to watch porn, especially a girl being gangbang by men. Actually, thats my sleeping pill coz after I cum,I can sleep easily. 

I'm still a student by the way here in cebu. Im into medical course. And since malayo yung province ko, I am staying in a dormitory nearby sa school. I have a boyfriend for quite a long time. Anyways, this happened last semister.

Our dorm isnt that srict when it comes to visitors. May sala set or something like a receiving area. Walang curfew and allowed to bring visitors as long as hindi kayo nakakadisturb sa other dormers. 

One night, my boyfriend visited me here in the dorm around 9pm i think. We we're just talking in the sala set coz I cannot let him in inside my room since my roolates are there. To make the long story short, he said he was horny.

In I said to him, "no, you dont have any chance at all.since nandyan sila inside." You know what he said? "Why dont we do it here outside?" And I was like "what?! No I wont!" I hate him for that, coz I think its quite of so cheap ko naman para papayag ako. He went to a hidden place, in the corner of a room which is quite of dark na no one can notice easily.

He called me, and I hesititate. I still went to him and said "mabilis lang ha!" 

So, he started to finger fucked me, and I started to feel the lust in it. I found myself kissing him so hard while standing and feeling his middle finger inside my pussy. I started to moan. He let me go, and opened his zipper on his pants and I saw the his penis is already in full size. He has a big cock that really satisfies me when we have sex. I started to lick him from buttom to the tip, back and forth. Until he was holding my head so hard to help me suck his cock and push me deeply to deepthroat him. 

There's a single chair there, good for one. He instructed me to sit on his cock, facing my back on him. Seems like I am riding him. I felt his cock reach down to my deep pussy feeling my hunger in him. I was starting to pump him up and down,up and down. I dont care anymore at that time if someone will caught us. I changed my position, I faced him and started to pump on him again while kissing him hard to avoid the loudness of my moan. While pumping him, he was touching my clit. That feels sooooo good. Until I realize he was pumping me fast and hard and I know he is cumming soon.
I felt his cum explode inside my pussy. And I came after him. 

Moments after that, I came back to the real world, stood up qui... Read More

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