Sex, Drugs and the game.

September 2, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened in 2008.  This is a true story.

My girlfriend then si Jen (same girl sa post ko na Sa Kitchen) and I were to go out with some friends.  It was a group date as we hook up two of her friends with some friends of hers in college.  We met at one of her friends condo unit.  Her place was a studio type unit.  It was relatively small, as you could be in one side of the room to the other side of the room in just about 6-7 steps.  There was a double deck bed and a small pantry, a mini ref and a coffee table with 2 stools.

We arrived first and was met by Nina (the unit owner) and Van, a friend.  They were the 2 girls we were giving dates.  A few minutes later, the Alex, Chris, together with Clyde and Pinay (they were a couple) arrived together.  We crammed the room and introduced one another.  The 4 that arrived together were former officemates of my girlfriend in a call center.  Nina and Van were high school barkadas of Jen.  We stayed for a while waiting for another couple (Arnold and Des) so we crammed inside the small room.  It was raining so hard outside because there was an impending storm coming so we just waited indoors for them to arrive.

Nina is a chubby girl, mestisa, and about 5'4.  Although she was a huge framed girl, she doesn't have that power big boobs for her frame.  Van was a petite morena girl.  Aside from her jolly personality, she has nice body and perfectly proportioned boobs and butt for her frame.  She is pretty but her beauty is covered by pimple scars in her cheeks.  Pinay is a typical filipina beauty.  She can be simply be described as an Alesandra de Rossi look a like.  Same body and a similar face.

Getting bored of waiting, the girls chit-chat while us boys went out to have a smoking break at the nearby fire exit.  While we were talking, Alex told us that he has ecstasy with him and he was willing to share it to us.  He has 3 tabs so we decided to just share it.  When we returned to the room, the girls were just talking and we informed them of our plan.  Everyone agreed as all of us were curious.  We got a pitcher and made iced tea, pounded the ecstasy and mixed it with the drink.  Everyone took a drink and waited for the others to arrive.  Feeling bored and restless (there was not even a TV set around), Pinay took a San Mig light bottle and invited us to play truth or dare.  All of us formed a circle and just sit (the room was carpeted).  The game was becoming hotter as personal questions were asked, secrets revealed and things that should remain between friends were uttered.  Seeing a deck of cards, I told Jen to introduce a new game.  We played it before together but it was just the 2 of us.

We introduced them to the game of Russian solitaire.  The rules of the game is just simple, all you need is a deck of cards.  Each Player will get a card and place it in his/her forehead and the lowest card losses.  Any player may change the cards twice and there can be no ties as both player with the same low card looses.  To make the game more interesting, instead of a truth or dare, we made modifications and made it a dare or bare.  We also set rules as the looser should opt to either do a dare (10sec limit) or bare (take one clothing off) and it should be alternate.  The highest card will be the one to give the dare.   Us guys were excited and we heard silence from the girls, but eventually the kick of the ecstasy settling in, the girls said yes.

The guys had so much advantage because we had more clothing while the girls were in their party dresses but it seems they didn't notice.

So the game was on.  Jen got the lowest card first and she opted to bare, taking off an earring.  In the middle of the game, we got a text message from Des that they couldn't make it because the rain was so bad and it started to flood near their place.  Not wanting to end the game, everyone in the room chose to just stay and continue as the rain just continued to fall.  So we continued the game.  At first the dare were so simple like kissing and dancing.  But as the game progresses and the ecstasy mixing the system, it became nastier.  The first person to loose her dress was Nina, she took of her dress without hesitation and revealed her black bra and panties.  The second one to loose hers was Jen.  But it was Pinay that got so unlucky that she lost for 5 straight rounds.  Watchm Blouse, Belt, Skirt, Bra.  She was the first one to be half naked.  She would cover her boobies with her arms and continue to play but eventually she got tired and just let her round firm boobs to fall.  Van was next to loose her bra and and was left with just her t-back on.  Jen also lost her bra a few rounds later and Nina was the last to loose hers revealing her big pink nipples.  The guys were still having their pants on except for Chris who was in his boxer shorts already.  The dare also became hotter as the kissing became licking.  Everyone was so game that no person said no to any dare and everyone played along.  There was girl to girl kissing and licking, guys licking nipples, girls putting hands inside guys briefs/boxers.  The game ended when Chris lost his boxers revealing his huge hard on (it ended because the guys got turned off).  Clyde and Pinay then stand up and started dancing (from music from a cellphone).  Jen pulled me and we danced along.  I turned off the lights and leave the toilet lights on and slightly opened it leaving it as the only light of the room.  I could also see Van and Alex making out and so was Nina and Chris which moved to the lower deck of the bed and make out there.  The room was so small that when you move, you could feel an body beside you.  Although I was with Jen, my eyes were feasting on Pinay (I used to have a big crush on her).  Since they were dancing I would get to bump her and intentionally touch her butt.  Everything happened so fast.  Jen pulled my pants and brief down to my legs and she would masturbate my hard cock.  I could also see Van giving Alex a blowjob, while Pinay and Clyde just kissing while dancing.  I couldn't see Nina and Chris but I could hear the double deck make creaking sounds.  I pulled Jen towards the wall and leaned her against it.  I pulled one of her legs up and entered her (I just simply swished her panty to one side and fucked her).  Clyde had Pinay bend over and did a doggie style standing just behind me.  I would intentionally pull myself back to feel her body as I was fucking Jen.  Their momentum was towards me that eventually Pinay would lean on my back.  I would put my hands at my back and could feel her firm abs.  I wanted to move it down to her pussy but was afraid I would feel Clyde's dick (eeoowww).  I could feel Pinay's boobs pressed against my back which kinda distracted me.  Jen would grab my butt to push my cock deeper inside her and continue my pumping.  I really wanted to feel Pinays' boobies but with my position, it was difficult.  Nina and Chris were the one's to finish first as I could see them just sitting at the bed and watching what was happening.  I shot my load inside Jen (knowing she was on pills) but didn't withdraw it because I was feeling Pinay's boobies pressed against my back.  We were stopped when Van ran towards t... Read More

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