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August 25, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Im moving some of my stories in PL here.  Hope you enjoy them.

This true story happened also in college.  I spent 6yrs in college moving from one course to the other.  My first course was ECE, and I have this classmate who became close to me.  We will call him Aldo.  Aldo and I were close but, he moved to another school after 3 semesters because he could not maintain his grades.

A few years later, I met Aldo and he invited me to his place which was nearby.  When we reached his house, a car was waiting for him with three passengers in it, 2 girls and a guy.  Just using eye contact, they went with us upstairs (it was a two story house but modified with 6 rooms on the first floor and 4 rooms on the second floor).  He told me that it was his aunt's house and was converted into a dormitory.

I was familiar with one of the girl that went with us.  I kinda got pissed because Aldo never introduced us.  I then recognize her because she was a socialite and remembered her when she joined a school beauty contest.  She was wearing her nursing school uniform that time.  In this story, we would just call her Carla.  She was in around 19-20 years old, about 5'5", super sexy, and had nice long legs.  I waited at the veranda while they were doing business in a room.  When Aldo came out, he told that they were his regular customers.  It was then that I realized Aldo was dealing drugs.

We went to his room and offered me some for which I declined (I was on my way to a school nearby to cross-enroll).  On the other room, we could hear loud music (I remembered it to be Halik ni Hudas - Wolfgang).  We were just chatting and drinking softdrinks when we head a knock on the door.  Carla came in and just signalled Aldo something, Aldo told Carla that I was ok and they could transact business with me around.  She wanted to buy more.  Carla told us her cousin and his gf were with her and wants more.  They exchanged money for drugs and we continued chatting.  We checked on them after about 30mins, and they were still in the room playing Wolfgang music.  I could see Carla's cousin and her gf making out on one side of the room and Carla dancing in front of the mirror.  Aldo asked them if they were ok and we were given a thumbs up sign.

We went back to the veranda and continue to talk about life.  When Carla interupted us and whispered something to Aldo.  Aldo whispered back and told her to go back to the room.  Aldo told me to follow him and told me something.  That Carla wants more but she doesn't have cash, and Carla would leave her watch with us for more drugs.  During that time, I could paint something in the face of Aldo that something was up.  She gave me a sachet and told me to bring it to Carla, and he told me to sell it to Carla.  He even told me that I could get the watch and more, with a smiling face.  Aldo told me that I could have all the time I want and will just wait for me at his room.  He told me, "your move bro, balato ko nalang yan".

I brought the sachet to the room and was met by Carla.  I could see her cousin with his gf still making out.  Carla asked me if I wanted her watch and she showed it to me, it was a Swatch watch.  I told her I didn't want her watch, for which she told me do you want a bj for it?  I couldn't answer directly but she just kissed me and pushed me down to the sofa.  She unbuttoned my pants and grope my already hard dick.  While Carla was giving me a bj, my eyes were towards Carla's cousin and her gf.  His cousin even looked at me, and moved his hands inside his gf's blouse.  My eyes were glued to them as he unbuttoned the blouse of her girlfriend and exposed her breast.  It made my cock more stiff.  I placed my hands under the skirt of Carla and massaged her butt cheeks, feeling the linings of her panties.  Still watching the other couple making out, the guy pulled her gf's skirt up, and placed his hands inside her panties and started fingering her.  While Carla was giving me a blowjob, I pulled her up and kissed her and pulled her panties down in the process.  I started unbuttoning her uniform (the blouse has the buttons at the back) and unhooked her bra.  Without any reaction from her, i removed her blouse and bra.  She had a perfectly round breasts with brownish nipples which were already pointing towards me.

I licked her nipples while pinching her butt cheeks.  I could feel that Carla's pussy was shaven as i could feel thin newly grown hairs as her pussy rested on my legs.  I could also feel her pussy so wet just as it touched my legs.  Although I wanted to eat Carla's pussy so bad, but hesitated knowing she had the reputation, and she may give me STD.  I grabbed my wallet and took a condom and placed it in my hard cock.  I inserted my cock inside her.  She was doing all the moves as I was just sitting in the sofa but not able to concentrate as I also took glimpses of the other couple just across us, about 2-3 meters away.  Carla was doing all the pumping and I loved watching her move up and down and her boobs juggling.

Almost ready to cum, I wanted to change position to delay and enjoy more.  With the loud music on the background, I could hear a loud moan coming from the gf of Carla's cousin while she was finger fucked.  That sweet innocent and alluring moaning sound made me blast.  I couldn't hold on anymore as i fired away my precious cum, and Carla still moving up and down and eventually had her orgasm also.  She rested in my breast catching her breath with my softening cock still inside her.  She let's out a big laugh and stand up, pulled me and danced to the music.  Since there was no toilet in the room, I found rolls of ti... Read More

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