Sessions with Doc Jenny: The Cheating Girlfriend and the High School Crush

October 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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I’ve had quite a few of these experiences but let’s start with this one for now.

This was way back when I was still 23 and was in the middle of getting a degree in Psychiatry. I had a very good boyfriend then, who was already a doctor but was older than me by 7 years. Let’s call him Marc.

Marc was a very nice person. Very kind, clean cut, religious and was already made as he had a thriving medical practice. He also comes from a very well-to-do family of doctors and so all of his earning were just his. He had had his own house, car (several cars) and savings.

And then there was me, the college groupie, artist, party girl who was still trying to enjoy life to the fullest.

Looking-back, I think it was the natural doctor in Marc that attracted him to me. He probably wanted to save me and cure me.

Marc would always be very supportive and he would make every effort to join whenever I wanted to watch some indie gig or go to parties even though I could see that it bored him to death. So in my effort to be a considerate girlfriend, I’ve convinced him on a setup where we’d go out for dinner then he’d drop me off at a friend’s gig or party or whatever and he’d go his own way and have his time with his boring friends and then we’ll meet again afterwards when I’ll be all drunk and horny and fuck his brains own at his condo.

It would usually be vanilla sex though. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very well endowed and eats pussy like a pro (probably because of his knowledge in anatomy) but our sex would always be warm and tender as opposed to rough and sweaty, dirty sex which I would crave for once in a while. He’s told me about his past experiences and I know he also had his share of adventures when he was younger but he explains that he just loves and respects me too much and is unable to do the things he’s done with other girls.

So one time after having dinner, he dropped me off at a friend’s place at an upscale village in QC so I could go watch a jam session. I think he was tired that night, coming from an operation so he went straight home after having dropped me off. But gentleman that he is, he still told me to call him should I need a ride going home in case my friends won’t be able to drop me off. The village was quite far off so getting a cab would be very hard or near impossible.

What he didn’t know though was that the lead vocalist of the band and also the owner of the house was sort of a high school heartthrob back in the day and I’ve always had a crush on him. Let’s call him Ron.

Ron would be Marc’s exact opposite in that he’s a stereotypical irresponsible, dirty junkie, womanizing, asshole. But he stirred that nostalgic high school crush feeling that just drew me in.

There were other people in the jam session and a lot of them were high school acquaintances so it also became a reunion of sorts and made me feel even more like a giddy high school girl again.

As the night wore on and as the alcohol level in our collective bloodstreams got higher, the boys started breaking out the bongs and the pot. I’ve tried drugs before but I’ve never really been a junkie. But for that night, just to be in with the crowd, I would take dabs whenever the shesh would come my way.

I was hanging out with some girls from my high school and we were sitting around on the sofa when Ron came by to sit with us. They teased him about how I had such a huge crush on him in high school and how he’d miss his chance because I’m now with this big shot doctor. Ako naman nakikisakay lang rin. Lasing na so I’d say, oo nga, sayang you’d never get a taste of this booty. Then I’d just laugh.

I can’t remember exactly what he said pero I know nakisakay lang rin siya sa jokes before moving around again to see to his guests.

The second time he came around, I was more buzzed and was more than a little bit high. I was hanging around with some other people and we were just being stupid and singing aloud and out of tune. We were in an L-shaped sofa and magkaka-akbay while swaying side to side and singing some boyband song.

Ron actually went and squeezed himself between me and another girl and sat himself down and put his arm on my shoulder. He was too tall for me so I just put my arm around his waist and continued swaying as we sang songs and puffed pot.

After a while, people started thinning out as some started going home while others went around to talk to other people until it was just me and Ron who were left on the sofa.

At some point, tinanong niya ako if I really did have a huge crush on him. Sabi ko, “oo no! Crush pa rin kita hanggang ngayon!” And then I laughed and squeezed his cheeks; drunk and high as I was.

As I was squeezing his cheeks, he suddenly lunged at me and kissed me hard on the lips. I got shocked and my first instinct was to push him away.

He got thrown backward a bit and then he frowned at me and asked me “akala ko ba crush mo ako?”

You know that thing about having an Angel and a Devil on your shoulders? Imagine that the Devil just hit the Angel with a knockout punch and you can barely hear it say “no…” while the Devil goes “YESSSS!!!”. I knew the right thing to do at the time but I simply could not find the ability to do so.

So when he came back up and tried to kiss me again, I kissed him back.

We made out for a bit and then I broke the kiss when I felt his hand feeling up my boobs. I looked around the room and saw that the only people left were his band mates and their girls. They were on the other side of the room though, all high and drunk as well and were also making out with their own girls. We were also covered by the back of the sofa from their sights and only showed our heads.

I guess Ron saw how I was looking around the room, so he pushed me down on to the floor near the sofa and continued kissing me there. He hiked up the bottom of my skirt (I was wearing an ankle-length bohemian skirt and a tank top) and then began to roughly feel up my legs and my thighs.

In short, tinamaan rin ako ng libog and got so wet that I felt myself sopping. The thong I was wearing at the time really didn’t offer much assistance in the way of absorbing moisture from my pussy.

It was so stupid but at that moment, I felt like an infatuated teenager who was letting her crush do away with whatever he wanted with her body and I was actually enjoying the experience. It was also the rough sex I had been looking for as Ron raised me up and propped my butt up doggie style.

Tinaas nya lang yung skirt ko while I was there on all fours to expose my butt and then pushed my panties aside before I felt the tip of his dick pushing against my pussy.

I moaned as he entered me. Sagad talaga from the first time. I didn’t have a hard time accepting his dick kasi nga I was very wet and his dick was more-or-less the same size as Marc’s. I didn’t care anymore if his friends would hear me but I moaned to my heart’s content as Ron fucked me hard. He pushed my tank top and bra up just to expose my boobs and he squeezed them while fucking me from behind. The strength of his pumps was so hard that I could hear the skin of my butt slap against his crotch whenever he would drive his dick in.

He kept on doing this and I’ve cum several times before he pulled out his dick from my pussy and came all over my butt. I was on the pill anyway so I wasn’t really scared of getting pregnant, although looking back now; I should have been scared of getting sick.

Ron was gentleman enough as to wipe off his semen from my butt. I fixed myself a bit before plopping down on the bed, dead tired, high and drunk.

I didn’t even notice falling asleep but the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was almost 4am.

I was thinking better at this point and the Angel on my shoulder has also regained consciousness and was already berating me for what I have just done. Ron was lying asleep at the other end of the sofa while his friends were also asleep at the other side of the room where I saw them earlier.

I felt so sad and guilty and dirty that, ironically, I felt the utmost need to be with Marc. I actually call him up and ask him to pick me up quickly. I couldn’t help but to start crying when I heard his voice. It felt like I’d just given myself to the devil and I needed to be saved by my angel.

I waited for Marc outside Ron’s house and he was there I think in less than 15 minutes. I grabbed his left arm right after I got into his car and held onto it tightly as Marc drove back to his place.

Marc never said a word. Intelligent as he is, I am quite sure he had some inkling on what transpired that evening but did not want to ask about it because he might not like the answer. He just sat there with his kind eyes, all stoic and calm. And I felt safe and warm again.

I showered a... Read More

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