Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part II

November 14, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part II

I stand up to go to the restroom, still stark naked.

I had forgotten all about the moving figures I saw from the building being constructed right outside our window and I only remembered when I glimpsed at the rough gray structure as I was climbing back up the bed to lay next to my boyfriend.

I laid there, my head resting on my boyfriend’s chest and the thought that we might have had an audience while we were having sex lingered on my mind. The realization also came to me that I might have just given my audience another show by walking around naked.

The irony was that it bothered me that I wasn’t all that bothered by the idea and I could perceive that there was some subconscious exhibitionist fetish that was trying to surface somewhere at the dark, murky, back of my head and I was trying hard not to acknowledge it.

I raise my head up a bit from my boyfriend’s chest so I could see his face. His eyes were closed and his breathing was no longer labored – a sign that he’s already gained back his strength from the orgasm he just had.

“May na nonood ata sa atin.” I uttered in a hushed tone; as if our audience could hear what I was saying.

“Hmmm...” he muttered back, as I seemed to have roused him from sleep.

“Let them watch, they can’t have it anyway…” he told me and then wrapped his left arm around my back. He then pushed me down on to the bed with a twist of his torso and started kissing me on the lips.

“Gago ka ba? I’ve no plans of becoming a porn star.” I told him in between kisses.

His lips felt good as his kisses went down from my ears, to my neck, down to my shoulders and I give out a low moan: “uhhhhmmmnnnn…”

I held on to his head as he went down even further, moving from my shoulders down to the tops of my breasts and then further down until his lips touched my nipples - where the kisses turned to sucking and licking.

“Uhhmmmmnnnnn… hhmmmmm…” I close my eyes to focus on the sensation of his tongue drawing circles around my areolas and onto my nipples. He would switch between licking and flicking his tongue on a nipple, his tongue barely touching the top; then to firmly licking the same nipple until my nipples pressed hard against the back of my chest.

He did this for some time before moving his kisses to my tummy, navel, crotch and finally to my quivering quim.

He positioned his head in between my legs, his hands on my hips and waist for support and started licking my clit.

“Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Haaaahhhhhh!” I moaned louder as his licking grew harder and faster.

This guy was a master of licking my clit. He simply has so much experience going down on me and experimenting with techniques the he already knows just how fast and where exactly to keep on licking to give me the most sensation.

I remember taking his hands from my hips and placing them on my breasts. He got the idea because he then started fondling them and playing with my nipples as I kept my hands on top of his.

He kept doing this together with his practiced licking until I squeezed his head between my thighs and I shuddered in orgasm. Gentleman that he is, he’d always make sure I came at least once before putting his dick in me; other than those times when I was so horny, I order him to fuck me immediately.

I was still panting and my orgasm had barely subsided when he knelt between my legs and aimed his cock at my pussy. I softly bite my lower lip when I felt that his dick’s head has found my hole and I moan a long: “unnnnggggghhhhhhhh…” and arch my head back on to the pillow as my wetness allowed him to plunge his entire shaft in one go. I could feel his hard, warm dick suddenly filling me up and stretching my pussy.

He placed his hands on the pillow beside my head and started moving his hips back and forth to plunge his dick in and out of my pussy.

“Uhhhhmmmm… babyyyy…. Ohhhhhhh… ohhhhh…” I kept moaning as his dick went in and out of my pussy rhythmically. I’m usually prim and composed - so the feeling of submission as I let a lover have his way during lovemaking (whenever I would let someone fuck me) really gets me turned on.

I was deep in this sexual bliss as this man, my boyfriend, fucked me and I laid there, compliant and accepted each of his thrusts into my pussy.

He lowered his head and held his mouth near my left ear. “you wanna give your audience another show?” he asked me as he kept on plunging his dick in and out of my pussy.

It was good play on the part of my boyfriend, asking me that question as he fucked me. He knew all too well that my usual defenses and inhibitions would be way down at that point. I didn’t answer the question but I didn’t really object either. I also couldn’t deny that the thought had just made me hornier and me crossing my legs around his waist to bring him deeper into me and my moans suddenly getting louder and stronger were probably dead giveaways that I would agree to what he suggested.

Without stopping his gyrations, my boyfriend bent his elbows and slid his hands under my shoulders and hugged me tightly. He then rolled me on top of him and to his side such that I was now riding him cowgirl and I was facing the window.

So there I was, all naked and seated on top of my boyfriend’s crotch with his hard-on still deep inside me. My imagination floods me with visions of faceless construction workers in their dirty overalls, hardhats and boots standing around beside the wide beams and dirty, unfinished floors of the building as they watch me have sex in the warm light of the hotel room through a window right across the street and top of a pristine white bed.

My logical brain was ordering me to cover up, but my body and overflowing libido had my hips move and press my clit harder onto my boyfriend’s firm crotch.

“Ahhhhh…. Ahhhhhh…” I moan and place my hands on my boyfriend’s chest for support as I cum. The idea and visions of being watched got me so horny that it brought me to orgasm.

I stay there for a bit and waited for some of my strength to flow back. My hands still planted firmly on top of my boyfriend’s chest and his dick still welled inside my pussy. We stare deeply into each other’s eyes and he brings up a hand to tuck my hair which was covering part of my face. He smiles at me while he does this.

I softly bite on my lower lip again to tease him and then I start moving my hips up and down his shaft. I was the one who was going to do the fucking this time.

“Ohhhhhhh… Ohhhhhh… Ohhhh…” He moans as his dick slides in and out of my pussy and then he tells me: “play with your boobs…”

I was still overcome with libido so I eagerly comply and move my hands to my ample breasts and start fondling them. Each hand was cupping a breast from underneath while the thumbs and forefingers of each hand played with a nipple.

“Fuck baby, you’re so hot…” he whispers while watching me. I smile at him and simply continue what I was doing.

“Uhhhmmm… Uhhhhmmm… Uhhhhmmm…” I moan everytime my butt would touch down on my boyfriend’s lap and his dick impales me completely.

After some time, I knew that my boyfriend was close to cumming as he held on to my waist and also started thrusting his hips up and down to meet my movements.

“Ohhhhh… Ohhhhh… Cumming babe… Cumming…” He whispers as his thrusts become faster and the slapping sound of the skin of my butt and his crotch become louder.

“Me too baby… Ohhhhhhh…” I reply and match his movements with gyrations of my own. I let go of my breasts and move my hands back to his chest.

After a few more minutes, I felt him stiffen and go “Ahhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhhh…” as I subsequently felt warm spurts of his cum filling up the insides of my pussy.

“Don’t stop… Don’t stop… Cumming…” I panted and told him. I was almost out of breath.

He was kind enough to comply and actually started ramming my pussy faster. I was touched by the gesture - I knew how a guy’s dick would ge... Read More

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