Sessions with Doc Jenny: My First Exhibitionism Part 1

October 4, 2014 (3 years ago)
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It’s been a very toxic month for the both of us and my then-boyfriend and I felt we deserved some pampering. That’s why we decided to treat ourselves; hati kami, I got us a room for the weekend at the EDSA Shangrila and he got us a couple’s package at the Chi Spa.

It was Friday evening when we checked-in and we’ve just finished having dinner at the Shangrila mall beside the hotel.

We rushed to the room kasi our appointment was at 9pm, which was also the last call I think. It was already 8pm and I had wanted to rest a bit before going to the massage. Ayoko naman ng sobrang busog habang minamasahe.

So when we got to the room, I just partially laid myself down on the bed such that my legs were still dangling off the sides and I just kicked off my heels. The room had warm lighting and it was so soothing that I just had to close my eyes for a bit.

I don’t know how long it was but I was woken up by light kisses on my neck and shoulders. I open my eyes and saw that it was my boyfriend, straddled on all-fours on top of me. He continued what he was doing and I close my eyes again to enjoy the touch of his lips as I held onto his back.

I then felt him lay down beside me and slowly reach in between my legs and into my skirt. I remember telling him to stop and that we didn’t have time but he was stronger than me and his touches has left me really weak and horny so I just let him have his way. He was laying on his side beside me on the bed, he moved his head nearer to mine and I just opened up my legs to let his hands cup my panty-covered pussy.

He started rubbing and fondling my pussy over my panties as he kept on kissing me on the lips. He kept at it for a few minutes before breaking off the kiss and the fondling. He quickly unbuttoned my blouse and kind of just shoved down my bra to expose my breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth and started fondling my pussy again – this time, his hand went straight inside my panties and to my wet pussy lips and clit.

I was moaning loudly at this point as I held on to his head which was busy licking and sucking on my right boob while my left hand played with my left boob. He kept at it until my body convulsed into an orgasm.

I laid on the bed panting and, as I saw that he was trying to get naked, I got up and told him that we should go as we were already late.

He gave me an incredulous look and asked: “Paano naman ako?!”

I told him he’ll get his fill later and I’ll make it worth his while and gave him a dirty grin.

He couldn’t do anything so he just grabbed our overnight bag and went with me to the spa area.

We arrived at Chi spa, filled in the questionnaires and then a therapist showed us to our room.

Upon entering the room, you would be at a wide receiving area, a door on the right leads to the private wet floors with the vanity; shower and steam; while another door lead straight to the massage area.

The therapist left us and told us they’ll be back in about 15 minutes for the massage. My boyfriend smiled at me and I just gave him a raised eyebrow back.

I got undressed at the wet floors area and went to get a hot shower. My boyfriend joined me after just a bit and he was sporting a raging hard-on. I pretended not to notice as I shampooed and soaped. He was trying to be cute by trying to slap my butt and legs with his hard dick, but I kept on pretending not to notice.

He hugged me from behind at one point and started soaping my boobs as he moved his dick up and down my butt crack. All of these were really turning me on and it took a large effort on my part not to grab his dick and just insert it in my very wet pussy. But I was also having a good time teasing him and knew that the delayed gratification would just lead to good sex later.

I turned around I put his dick in between my legs and let its shaft slide over my clit and pussy lips. He kissed me again and, as he was positioning himself to penetrate me, I pushed him back again and told him: “mamaya na yan,” again with a dirty grin.

“What the…” he says to me as I got out of the shower and into the steam room. He joins me again after a few minutes and tells me: “you’re having fun aren’t you? Pero sobrang wet ka naman na.”

I tell him, “relax ka lang dyan. Mapapasayo rin naman ‘to mamaya.”

So after steaming for about 10 minutes, we rinse ourselves off at the shower again and I proceeded to the massage area after drying off and dressing up in a robe. My boyfriend had to stay behind for a few more minutes as he waited for his hard-on to soften.

We got the two hour massage and I actually dozed off for a bit as the masseuse worked her magic on my stressed muscles. I woke up when she patted me slightly on the arm and whispered: “ma’am higa na po.”

Now I know all about your spakols and what happens when the therapist tells you na mahiga na. But this is a high-end spa and there was none of that. They were actually very professional in that they knew what to do so as not to invade or see their client’s privates, for after I had laid down on the massage table and my masseuse has fixed the towels, my boyfriend who was right beside me has also started turning to lie down and I noticed that his masseuse actually took and raised the huge towel that she was using to drape over him such that it became a curtain between them.

I was stealing glances at my boyfriend as I knew for sure that the masseuse’s touches would undoubtedly stimulate his already sensitive libido which would easily give him a hard-on. I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the tent that was building up on his crotch as the masseuse worked on his thighs.

Less than an hour later, my massage session ended and since I began my session a few minutes earlier than my boyfriend, I finished earlier that he did.

I waited for him at the wet floors, dressed in the hotel’s robes. He smiled at me when he saw me sitting at the wet floor’s sofa and I waited for him as he changed into his shorts and t-shirt.

We walked back towards our room as I tried to contain my anxiety. I can feel my pulse rushing and my pussy getting moist at the anticipation of what was about to happen and the surprise I had in store for my boyfriend.

When we got to our room and as he closed the door behind us, with my back turned towards him, I slowly undid the robe and slid it off to show him that was all naked underneath.

“What the fuck, you were naked there?!” I heard him say, but I did not respond. I heard him following me as I slid on top of the bed faced down. I raised my butt slightly, to present my holes to him, and put a pillow on my crotch for a bit of support.

“I think that guy’s waited long enough, don’t you?” I tell him as I turned my head to the side to look at what he was doing. Apparently he didn’t need any more coaxing as he was already naked and was making his way on top of the bed.

I bit on my lower lip slightly as I felt the bed behind me give way to my boyfriend’s weight as he neared my behind.

I felt him rubbing the tip of his dick on my pussy’s lips as I waited in anticipation for him to enter me.

I had to breathe in deeply as I felt his shaft enter me – quickly at first then slowly the last few inches as he plunged his entire length inside me.

“Uhmn…” I moan as I felt him push his dick in, inch by inch and then pull out slowly.

“Fuck baby, you’re teasing’s got me so horny, I don’t think I’ll last for long.” I remember him telling me something to the effect as he fucked me slowly from behind.

I knew he was trying to control himself as he would normally go faster or harder, but his pace now meant he was just simply trying not to cum too quickly.

I reassured him and told him not to worry as he’s got me for the entire weekend.

With that, his pace suddenly became faster and his thrusts, stronger.

“Oh… Oh… Oh…” I moaned in short bursts while my body rocked... Read More

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