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October 22, 2014 (3 years ago)
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“I choose not to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon if I can.
And if I cannot, then I must. Becoz when I know I must, I surely can.
I seek opportunity, not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, dulled and humbled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed.
I will not take shelter in the guaranteed existence of my comfort zone. Instead I will take on the challenges of life. And if the challenges of life come charging at me with the ferocity of a raging bull, I will take the bull head on. And if ever the need arises, I will, with the tenacity of the finest matador, take the bull by its horns.
Throughout this journey, I will never cower before any master nor bend to any threat for I consider it my ultimate right to stand erect, upright, proud and unafraid and say boldly to the world:
“This I have done!”

-Andrew Ong-

This has always been my mantra ever since i met this old singaporean guy who taught me about many things. He was a motivational speaker and as well as my mentor in my old networking. One of the things that he taught me is what we call reasoning skills.

Reasoning skills is highly defined as a capability to express one's personal opinion or one's standpoint on a certain topic. Why did i make this blog in the first place? Well i'm not here to preach or anything i'm here to express my own thoughts on the current events i noticed. But before i do so let me indulge you on who i am.

I am a nobody, trying to find a place of my own in this wretched world that soon enough i might give up on. I am old enough to know and forecast a certain scenario based on the provided data but young enough to understand that there are things that i really don't understand yet. I came from a very senseless family that held grudges on each other and litteraly kick each other's butts. We sue one another every now and then and i have to keep my senses up even sleeping coz i may never know when or where my relatives are gonna attack me. I left my family for the first time when i was 18 and tried to live on my own and found out that the world ain't that great and i ended up going back. I fell in love with a girl who litterally played with my life in the last 8 years.

So basically FSS is my safe haven.

I was invited here a few months ago. My friend said that this site is good rather than reading doujins or watching porn this will give you more mind blowing things. I said no coz i dont really care about things like that,that much but this was my buying point. He said that in the world we live in its rare to find real people because we all wear masks around everyone because we are all insecure in one way or the other how other people live their lives.

But here in FSS we are writers or aspiring writers. In writing, you get to show the real you even if your stories are not. You get to remove that mask of yours in front of everyone simply because you will remain anonymous. It's over the internet so it's safe. You can safeguard your personal well being and reveal yourself to only those that you are willing to trust.

Just be responsible if ever you will write anything coz maybe its internet but somebody owns the site and you gotta abide by his rules and besides you dont want to fight over something, like over a harsh word that nobody gives a damn except the person who got hurt in the process.

i was sold to joining here but i never wrote anything nor commented on anything never chatted with people except once when i was looking for my friend and of course lately when i started to become active. After creating my account here i read things every once a week at the most coz its not in my system. But curiousity is peeking lil by lil. Until this week that i have become active.

But you know guys, i'm starting to regret joining. I start to resent the people here. Simply because there is no harmony unlike when i startrd a few months ago. I wonder what made people stoop this low in this site. Thinking of it the name of the site is filipino sex stories. So by its name i believe that this site is for intellectual people civil enough to understand a thing or two. So basically from what i can understand in this shallow mind of mine that this website is created for the purpose of writng things making stories primarily sex stories. Cool right?

So when i noticed there was this section for writing poetry and blogs i figured that those things are for the perks of people who write things. Lets admit it when we do the same things over and over we get bored of it so i thought that the poetry section and the blog section is for that purpose to give off breathing space to writers. And when i saw the chat room i thought the purpose of that is to speak with other writers for the better good of the site or their personal development as writers. We can chat to everyone and ask for opinion on how we as writers can make better stories and i said to myself that's way too cool.

Well at least that's what i thought a few months ago. But recently, here's what i noticed. First stories comes in too slow and not as frequent as it used to be a few months ago. But now you will see that some stories that are still on the first page was already almost a week old. Second i started noticing blogs that are either deleted or overwritten but that part i could understand a bit coz i havent had the chance to read much due to that im busy as well. But its possible that they are deleted coz of infringement issues. So its fine even if my writtings are deleted that's fine for as long as i get notified for the reason its being deleted. 3rd im not sure if there are banned people here but im sure there are some that should have been banned for not following the regulation but are still active. I have read the EULA of the site when i joined and i admit i may be doing a direct assault on the EULA but who cares anyway i somehow lost my respect to this site so ban me for being real i wont mind.

But seriously blogs being used to vent out emotion that's fine with me but as long as it does not incite sedition against the site that's ok but if you blog pertaining how the management do their job and how things should be done based on your personal accord then that is not fine. It stains the image of the site specially to newbies like me. Chatrooms used to flirt with others come on guys really how old are you to start acting very high school that flirting should be done publicly? Im not saying that you cant flirt here all im saying is that do it discreetly. How many times was it that i got online in chat to ask for opinion on the article im working on but i couldnt mutter a word coZ people are either flirting or making fun of other people or in tagalog "nagpaparinig".

I dont get it guys. Arent we suppose to stand as one and set our differences, correct one another and believe in each other rather than what's happening right now? Seriously i really thought that people here have at least an IQ of 90 at the very least. Average IQ of a normal person is 80 so i believed that if people can write things like what i read a few months ago then they must be above average but right now you gotta be kidding me reading things last night gave me brain cancer stage 4.

People talking about ganging up on some one, people talking about democracy WTF am i reading anyway? If i want to read about people ganging up on someone and democracy i would read the news paper for pete's sake! But guys seriously? Ganging up on someone? I dunno, i'm not siding up with anyone but im pretty sure that if you got somekind of sanction from mods and admins in sure that they have a good reason to saction you. And democracy seriously? Since when did a personal property that was lent or shared with you gave you the freedom to do anything with it? It wasnt even given to you only lent it to you so where the fuck is democracy? I'll show you where democracy lies.

Democracy started in the 6th century bc in athens where they belived that everyone has a formal right and power in the political state. But their problem was if everyone has the same power then everyone will do whatever they want so they collabirated that democracy will be under the umbrella of laws and one of the laws should be that everyone has a formal right and power on the state politically and it is shown by the right to vote who they will put in the seat of power that has absolute power on behalf of everyone that is democracy.

On the argument i saw earlier i completely understand thate there is no democracy on this website due to first and foremost this is not a goverment it is a website owned, technically a property of somebody and he has the right to do whatever he wants he can even shut it down in a blink of an eye. What he gave you when you joined this website is not democracy only a taste of freedom to write. That's all he gave but all the things we write in here are subject for filtering and they serve the rights to revoke it anytime they deemed necessary.

Really i dont give a **** anymore unless people here will start using more of their brain cells. Coz i feel that i dont belong here if this continues to escalate. Its starting to be a freak show. People stooping down low and people who steps on others. Invalid arguments. Senseless issues that doesnt have anything to do with how we can be better.

Admin and mods, im sorry if have gone against the rules ban me if you want i dont care anymore. I dont want to leave coz i bel... Read More

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