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March 16, 2018 (3 months ago)
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I'm attracted to mystery that made me drawn to your soul

I'm comfortable in darkness that into your arms i fall

Too comfortable that I put the key to my happiness in your 


But then you disappeared with my key i can't get.

The Chant

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Look at thy lady that claim to be fairest one of all,

Feeling outcast, when you actually said she'll fit in the ball.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Remind the lady she's the fairest one of all

And that she doesn't need to fit in that ball before it crushes her


A Best friend's Thought

She's been thinking about you lately,

Won't you come to save her from the memory?

She's trapped in those moments that you made,

You might want to show before the music fades

To her every lyrics seem to be just 'you and me',

And it aches to see how memory appears in every melody.

Understand Me

Understand me having no time for matters that have no soul

Understand me feeling empty for i used to give my all

Understand my temper that slit hearts when I talk

Understand my fears for this self was o... Read More

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