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Sapiosexuality - is a behavior of becoming attracted to or aroused by intelligence and its use. (see note below)

First time I heard about this word from a friend and was amused or I'd say, surprised to learn that there is an actual word for it.

And so I asked this friend's perspective and liked what I heard.

1. "Alam mo, magugustuhan ng lalake or babae yung tao sa room depending on how he/she handles the conversation or intellectual conversation." 

2. "It is not love, it's just an intellectual attraction. You love the idea that the other person is stripping some info about him/her through different themes of conversation."

Then added,

"Kaya nga sabi ko, na-inlab lang sila dun sa convo/kwentuhan."

I have seen a lot of times that this is so true. Some extended it to the outside world and who knows what happened. Ang iba naman, stayed in virtual world which is fine for as long as you stay sane and still able to face the real world (which is easier said than done).

Most of us experienced this one way or another and crying helps than being irrational and violent just to counter it when the crap hits the fan. With that we can maybe move on and try to climb another mountain. 

Well for me I still want to try and get drowned. Sulit ang sarap eh. Risky, exciting and dangerous but also fun and it feels goo... Read More

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