San ba tayo? Kaw? San ba tayo?

October 11, 2015 (2 years ago)
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I know it’s a weird title, I’ll explain later why it’s titled like that.

I got my inspiration to write again. This story happened not too long ago, when I met my CQ. Let’s just say that all events happened bit by bit. The first time we met I didn’t get the chance to talk to her that much. But after that, we started sending messages to each other over the phone. That’s the time I got the courage to ask her out to watch a movie. And after that day, I was making it a point to spend time with her. Because I realized that when I saw her smile and laugh I feel content with myself.

We decided to go out on a date that day, we meet at our usual meeting place which was halfway between our houses. We always have this routine every time we decide to meet. I asked her “san tayo?” and she always throws the question back at me “kaw?,san ba?” Which made me giggle a little bit, coz it’s been like that since our first date. I even made a rule that I would choose first and then she would choose the next one. I was insisting “Madaya ka, binalik mo na naman sakin yung tinanong ko sayo”. I’m really stupid when it comes to women’s clothing, so I would say she wore a red shirt and a maong miniskirt that day. Which fit her body perfectly, we had been standing outside the area deciding where to go that date for quite some time. I don’t know what came over me, I told her “guada tayo?” she replied “guada? San dun?” Me: “umm, SOGO” she looked at me with a certain look, CQ: “ano naman gagawin natin dun?” Me: “gusto kita masolo, para mayakap ng private.” Then we were deciding on what to do,then I recalled that my friend told me about this place in pasay which was pretty good compared to SOGO. We finally decided to go there. On our way we decided to buy some take out for our dinner, it was already evening when we arrived there.

When we arrived we checked every part of the room, and even played with all the knobs. *first time sa place lolz :P* went to check the bathroom and saw that there was a tub, sad thing was there was no way to get water in it. We went back to the bed turned on the t.v and switched it to a music channel. Both of us sat down at the side of the bed watching t.v, I hugged her from behind and gently kissed her neck. Continued kissing her there and slowly moved to her ears. I lied her down on the bed and kissed her lips, which wasn’t our first kiss but being with her in this private place made it more passionate than normal. At this point we still both had our clothes on. We continued kissing till our tongues entwined with each other, my hands where slowly exploring. I slid my hand under her shirt and rubbed her bra gently while continuously kissing her lips and alternately moving from her lips and her neck and shoulders. After a while my hands moved south a little more. Past her navel, and past her maong skirt there I found my purpose, I slowly lifted her skirt upwards just enough to expose her very sexy red t-back panty.

Then I had this Idea and joke to her a little bit “Birthday mo ba ngaun naka pula ka ata? With a naughty smile” we both laugh at the thought and continued kissing. My hand was gently rubbing her pussy from the top of her panty, our kissing became more and more intense. I finally focused on the area that she was weakness in which was her neck and ears, there her moans finally started to be heard in the room (kahit puro mura na inabot ko). Also my hand sliding her panty to the side and rubbing her pussy and caressing her clit was doing its purpose as well. Next thing we knew we were both naked beside each other. And she had that look which told me, that she was planning something *pang gugulang*. She positioned her self on top of me kissed my lips, moved to my ears and licked the inside *shit! First time ko madilaan sa tenga,virgin ako dun,tumayo lahat ng balahibo ko. Syempre ung isa din attention na* then her kisses my neck then to my nipples. *First time din dun, potpot di ko lang if ganun din effect nun sa babae, pero tindi ng epekto sakin dun* I thought she was gonna stop there. But she still had that look, she took my dick and started playing with it.

At this point I have to be honest, my eyes moved to the back of my head. Its so hard to control myself at that point, I was begging her “madaya ka,madaya ka. 69 tayo para tabla.” My words went deaf to her ears and I couldn’t hear a reply from her coz her mouth was full She still continued what she was doing, I tried to reach her breasts to I could at least return her favor but she stopped me every time, she was every bit dominant that time. *devilish smile* I liked it to be honest *hihihi, enjoy pala magpadominate minsan* She continued what she was doing, even I started to moan *usually im not the noisy type, I don’t know with her nag ingay ako* I could feel her mouth envelop every bit of me, I felt her tongue move around the head of my dick. There was the feeling of just enough tightness but still gentle which I hadn’t experience in my past. I couldn’t control it anymore, I knew she knew I was near coz she a moved her mouth faster. Until I finally came inside her mouth, I thought she would stop and let my cum spill on my stomach, but she didn’t stop. She swallowed every bit that came out. After that she lifted her head, I saw her face. She was contented, even proud of what she has done. I looked at her with a grin “Madaya ka talaga, bat di moko pinaganti” with a childish taunt she replied “Belat!”

I looked back at her with a devilish grin, “Ah ganun pala ha” it was my turn to be dominant, I made her lie down on the bed and grabbed both her wrists and held it firmly on the bed and placed myself in between her legs. This time she was gonna taste her own methods. I kissed her neck and ears gently, till her moans resonated from her mouth. I was kissing her all over, every spot I could think of. I reached her nipples I nibbled on them a little and licked around them. I went a little to the south, and reached her navel, and then I thought I never tried trying to tease a woman’s navel before. So I started kissing the area around her navel, I didn’t know that it was as sensitive as her weak spots. Still I went south till I got to my intended destination, which was a smooth hill for me to explore.

There I found her smooth shaved pussy, the best one I’ve seen so far, that made me inspired to do my best for her. I gently kissed the area around it, I licked at it like I was licking a melting ice cream. At this point I held firmly to both of her wrists *para di maka ganti* I continued licking her pussy until I was reaching inside her. She tasted so sweet, I couldn’t get enough of her. I didn’t want to stop myself coz I can hear her moans continuing and I knew I was doing a good job. I knew that was the longest time I did an oral, but she was worth it. Once I stopped to take a look at her face I can describe the look *prang gigil na gigil na pinagpapawisan,basta un description* then I let go of her wrists and pulled myself up and kissed her deeply again. I smiled at her and said “Madaya ka ha,yan patas na tayo.”

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