March 24, 2014 (4 years ago)
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Hindi ko alam kung papaano ako magpapasalamat sa napakasayang panahon, maiksi man, na inilagi ko sa FSS.

I consider myself lucky at naka daupang palad ko ang mga myembro na bukas-loob ang pagtanggap sa akin.

I just can’t tell how much I appreciated the hospitality of the people I interacted with sa chat room. . . it is a delight to see how people can be enjoying each other’s presence without having even met each other personally. The regular’s in the room really created a great atmosphere whenever I am there.

Special mention goes to Pads, Jaz, Drew, Pilya, Altds, Abit,  Mr. M, Mort, Feph, Nagger, Inang, Oli, Katie, Goddess, Boobsy, Cheeks, Emilia, Sonof, Teray,  Unres, Mid, Fiction, Ryanz, Snipe, Fuck, Jana,  Bebeko, Married, Ladyinred, Girl, Szad, Heat, Klasm,  Pusa, Pak, Phil, Raid, Dfd,  Dreams. Young, Amado and most especially Ria who is such a good sport sa mga biro ko (na pwede din seryoso di ba sweetie hehehehe) and countless others whose names are too many to mention here.

And how will I forget. . .Mikaela. . . who was my guide during my first few days in FSS at nagturo din sa akin gumamit ng Facebook. . . salamat ng marami best friend!!!!

Salamat din sa maraming tumangkilik sa nag iisang istoryang aking isinulat most especially to those who took time out to post their comments.

I am very fortunate to having been with you guys and I assure you that in the... Read More