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August 31, 2013 (4 years ago)
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Hope you enjoyed my other post.  This is another true story which happened in 2009.  My girlfriend at the time was Jen, she 23 at the time.  She was studying in a law school.  She is your typical girl, outgoing, smart, funny and loves adventure.  She was staying with her widowed aunt.

On Sunday's her aunt would be out the whole afternoon as she is a Bingo regular at the casino.  Their household help also has their day-off so we would have all the time to do our stuff at her aunts house.

One lazy Sunday afternoon, we planned to watch movies.  Her aunt doesn't know of our relationship so I have to sneak into the house when she is away already.  I was outside her waiting for her aunt's car to pass so when it does, she was at the gate waiting for me.  She was wearing a shorts, and a black sphagetti strap tops.  She was not wearing any bra anymore.  She was teasing me all the way as she led me to the living room.  At one side of the room, there is a very big mirror that the whole part of the house can be seen.  We were already playing when an idea came up.  I asked her if we can do it in front of the mirror and watch ourselves as we fuck our brains out.  She was so excited to do it also.  So we pulled the sofa and moved tables and some chairs to position the sofa that we would see the best view of ourselves.  Feeling so aroused thinking of it, I was having a huge hard-on.  Since I was wearing jeans, I kinda felt pain as it was being pressed.  So I took my pants off and my polo shirt off leaving with my boxers on.  Jen, feeling kinky teased me strip teasing in front of the mirror as I watch just beside her.  As she was completely naked, she came crawling over me while I was slowly stroking my cock. I could see her already wet pussy and butt hole at the mirror as she crawl towards me.  She gave me a blow job but my eyes were feasting at a very nice sight of her bending over showing her shaved pussy.  I was so turned on that I pulled her towards me and kissed her.  Running my tongue all over her boobs and down to her belly button.  I then turned her over and watched ourselves while I continued to kiss her neck and ears.  She was watching herself as she started to play herself, one hand caressing her boobs, and the other playing with her pussy.  We had the whole house all by ourselves that we could moan loudly.  While playing with herself, she would let out loud moans of ecstasy.  I entered her very wet pussy that some juice would drip in my legs.  We were so into the moment that my pumping was slow and well calculated.  We had the same position all throughout, facing the mirror and Jen in front of me sitting at my cock, pushing herself up and down.

We were stopped by the howling of the dogs as if someone was outside.  We then heard the gate opened.  It was her aunt coming back.  In panic, I ran naked towards the kitchen and hide behind the kitchen door.  Although there was a backdoor, they have dogs outside who are not all so familiar with me.  And I wouldn't want to go out naked, so just hid there.  Jen picked up all our clothes and ran back to her room.  Her aunt, came back to get her mobile phone which she left at the dining room.  Jen went out wearing a bathrobe and told her aunt she didn't hear her came back as she was on the shower.  Jen's aunt left after retreiving her cellphone and she directly approached me to tell me she was gone.

We were just laughing all over the house.  We couldn't stop our laughing that the dogs outside were howling and barking so loud.  Naked and feeling cold all over, Jen grabbed my already soft cock, put it in her mouth and gave it all the needed help to make it hard again.  She opened her robe and revealed she was still naked inside.  When I had my hard on back, we came back to the sofa and continue our fantasy of doing it while watching the mirrors.  We did it doggie style this time.  I entered her from behind and Jen in a crawling position.  I would pump myself hard in her so I could see her butt cheek wiggle and her boobs shake.  It was so hot watching ourselves fucking and watching ourselves in the mirror.  It wasn't long that I pulled out my cock and released a load of cum at her back.

After that, she called up her aunt and informed her that she will go out and watch movies with friends.  We can also hear on the background that she was at her destination.

Feeling safe, Jen invited me to have shower with her.  We soaped each other and masturbated each other while having a hot shower.  After shower,... Read More

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