Routine --- the beginning

September 10, 2014 (3 years ago)
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12,775 days, 22 hours, 45 minutes and 14 secoonds...

Life became a predictable cycle. Though JC's life of a BPO professional might not be the same as a regular day personnel everything became like a routine, or so it seemed.
Gone were the days of hard core party life, band gigs and weekly rendevous with random girls for a night filled with ecstatic erotic encounters.
As he sat slumped infront of his PC on a hot, boring Saturday night checking his emails, bidding on eBay and reading about the latest news online, out of the blue he went to google and typed "pinoy sex stories"...
...... searching....
1,510,000 results...

And in one click he opened a window he once closed down to give way to the mature, responsible and respectable boss he had to be.
Staring at this adult, sex filled website, JC started to read through the stories. Curious about other people's sexual encounters, fantasies and realities. He found himself immersed and as if lost in time. Minutes turned to hours of reading stories about cheating wives, of friends and lovers to incest infatuations.

Why was he so intrigued? Why can't he stop reading? JC started feeling his old self come back to life even for a brief moment.

Then suddenly his phone rang...

It's the girl he's been seeing for the past 5 years. A beautiful, witty and down to Earth single mom who was part of the reason for JC's transformation to a tamed wild beast.

He remembers how they used to be, with their week end get aways and activities. Not a night goes by without even taking a quick fix to release some of the tension a busy day can bring.

But now, 5 years, 8 months and 7 days later, and a couple of additional pounds after. You can count in one hand the number of times they would pleasure each other in a month.

But like everything else, she became a regular part of his life...

JC picks up the phone and answers...

Hello Ai, napatawag ka, anong oras na..

Ikaw nga tatanungin ko nyan. Pa log out na ko sa fb at katatapos ko lang din gawin project ni Liyah when I saw online ka pa.

Ah di pa kasi ko inaantok, browse browse lang hanggang antukin.

Oh ok.. Sige, i'll go to sleep na at kanina pa ko sleepy. Tinapos ko lang talaga project anak ko. Anyway, text ma lang bukas what time tayo mag meet.

Ok. Good night.. sya tomorrow..


Hmmmm... It's a Sunday tomorrow, regular mass day. After mass, mall, eat, watch a movie then drive her back home. Same routine.

JC deletes his browsing history clears his cache and cookies then goes to bed.

As he lays on his bed he reminisce about the good old days when it was all about living life to the fullest, as if everyday was an adventure...

The following day, JC gets in his car, drives to Antipolo to pick up Ai.

As expected, they went to church, the to the mall, after which drove Ai back to Antipolo.

As they arrived at Ai's place their gate opened and Liyah went out to greet her mom. At that moment JC noticed that Liyah was becoming a full grown teen. Her 16th bday just a few months away Liyah definitely looked more mature. Luckily getting the good looks from her mom and it was no secret as she was always part of their school pageants. People really admired this pretty little girl. But not the way JC saw her that time. She was wearing a pink shorts and a white tank top that perfectly hugged the contours of her body. JC for a moment thought she was a potential hot girl, but quickly brushed off the idea and slowly drove away.

While he was driving, he remembered the incest and youn... Read More

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