Restoration of Faith in "Loyal/Nice guys"

March 22, 2018 (3 months ago)
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He is a responsible boyfriend and a husband material. He doesn't have dating apps on his phone because he doesn't want to be 'tempted'. His gf knows his password in fb and phone because he knows he doesn't have anything to hide. He is one of the guys that you look up to because of their loyalty and commitment to their other half.

What will be your reaction if one day, this friend of yours admitted that he thinks he loves you more than a friend?

I was so shookt when this happened to me. One year of friendship, we never had a thing. We never flirted with each other. We drink together with friends but we never say good mornings and good nights or other sweet bullshits. We are just friends. Yes, we had lots of drinking sessions but we are always with other friends too!

The only thing that I remember that could trigger his confession was the night when one of our co-workers actively flirted with me the whole evening while we were all 'celebrating' their postponed ball game. He was beside me the whole evening and kept telling the other players that I am his sister. It was normal because we joke about it all the time. 

Just like the old times, when I had a drink or two, I always text the people I was with that I got home safely so they would not worry about me.

He replied to me, "Mahal na yata kita kapatid. Love you."

I was shookt. It was so out of his character so I ignored it.

The next day, neither of us mentioned it at work but when I got home, he asked me what did he text me the night before. He sent me at least three messages about that which was also so not him. I didn't tell him because I thought it was his gf texting. I thought it was a "trap". The next day (again haha), during our fieldwork, he asked me wth did he txt me so I jokingly told him that he admitted he is gay. We laughed it off. When I got home, I read his messages

"kung anuman ang nasabi ko, sorry pero at least nasabi ang nararamdaman,"

"wag mo na lang pansinin"

i said okay.

then last night, we had the same conversation again but this time in person.

"Ano nga kasi yung tinext ko noon?"
"Sabi mo bakla ka."
"Wag ako haha"
"Ikaw nagtext tapos hindi mo alam?"
"Alam kong may tinext ako pero binura ko kaagad"

Made me think if he has always been like this, deleting stuff so his gf won't see. But I didn't see that coming. I look up to him so much that it didn't cross my mind he'll confess to other girl/s. He is one of the untouchable dudes. Like, he's so loyal, no one dares to flirt with him haha. Plus I am not the 'takaw tingin' kind of girl. Hindi ako pansinin.

But maybe he's still the per... Read More

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