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November 22, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This is some thoughts i had in mind, with horny imagination...

I was at a plane going to a special friend whom i will be seeing for the first time.
We met online, chatted, corroborated, shared intimate thoughts, and both admitted excitement on seeing each other.

Casually, i asked her if i could come along and planning a day trip to her place.  Probably, the best i can do for a moment, flying in on the first flight and leaving at the latest flight back to my place.  A short moment but will make sure to have the best of time for both of us.  

This is the day I have been waiting for, and soon as the plane landed, took a cab and asked to be taken to an agreed place where she made the booking and hopefully she will be waiting.  On the way, stopped on a shop and bought wine, cheese, spicy chocolates, and got a stem of red rose.

Cab stopped in front of the inn, paid the driver and a little hesitation but more of excitement located the room.  Knock gently on door and for almost an eternity (one minute perhaps) waited for the door to open.
Slowly, the door opened, and she was behind the door, not revealing herself yet.  I asked if I can come in now... and she answered, "sure".

Went inside direct to the bed and placed the stuff i bought on top of the bed.  Heard the door closed and locked.   Took off my shirt and slowly turned around to see my lady r still standing behind the door wearing an oversized shirt, with her nips standing erect.  From the distance, I can smell her moist pussy, can feel the heat from her body, and see her mouth in half pout.

Opening the button of my pants, went slowly to her and kissed her neck... lick her skin.. slowly go up to her ears... to her nose... and finally to her opened mouth.  My tongue meeting hers, giving her wet and warm kisses. I can feel her excitement and body getting warmer.... Read More

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