January 2, 2016 (2 years ago)
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And if you go,I'll lose something inside me,
All my doubts outcasting my beliefs.
The chains that kept you in will burst into fragments.

Into pieces, 
My only reason to live would fall into the ground.
Into silence, 
The only beat my heart makes would bear no sound.
My eyes would go blind knowing no light.
And those tears I'd only shed for you, would be too strong to fight.

I'd be left alone, all shriveled and weak.
Wandering the streets with nothing to seek.
I'd only be laughing if It were for you,
Now I'm laughing but for the reasons I'm afraid to show.

I'd walk on fire to just see you again,
But without you, 
every step is like walking in Hell.

Sleepless nights and endless thoughts of wishing you were here,
But I'm constantly reminded I would wake up and I taste my tears.

Death would be funny,
Silence would be great,
But the defeaning sound of reality catches me off guard,
And forcefully slams me in the face with all my fears.
I breathe slowly as the sharp edge of my destiny awaits for my throat.

None of these would have happened,
None of these would have ended in me watching myself all white inside a casket,
Sleeping soundly being lowered down the ground,
Going six feet under.

None of these would have happened,
I wouldn't have to see people cry for me without knowing of their sincerity.
I wouldn't have to see a priest recite a prayer above my h... Read More

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