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September 20, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Do you guys still remember you first time? You know, the first time you did it? The day you lost your virginity? Either it's with someone you love or just a heat of a moment thing, we will always remember our first time. Some of you may remember your first time as a sweet and special moment of your life.

My first time? There's nothing special about it, i don't remember much of it only a few details, heck i don't even remember the girl's name. I was fucking wasted, both from alcohol and weed. I remember some of it like it was a scene from looney toons where Yosimite Sam is trying to shoot Bugs Bunny with a shotgun but keep on missing his target. It was like that with me and my partner, i was Yosimite and she was Bugs Bunny only the shotgun was my dick and her pussy was Bugs Bunny. I remember i was laughing at myself the whole time i was trying to put it in. At one point i almost put it in her asshole and she yelled "Aray! Tangina ka pwet ko yan!"

She was a friend of my uncle from their fraternity. My uncle is only a few years older than me, and my dad's cousin. It was my highschool graduation day, my uncle arranged a party for me at his place, sagot ko daw ang alak sa kanya ang pulutan. I did'nt know at that time that he was referring to his friend as my pulutan, it was a graduation gift.

Anyway, i was shocked when we were at the party and my uncle told me that he arranged a graduation gift for me, and the gift is i could finally lose my virgnity that night. But my uncle warned me that i still have to make his friend like me first, she's not a hooker afterall. I asked him how would i do that? He told me to introduce myself, have a conversation with her, make her laugh you have a great sense of humor.

So the party went on, booze and weed were passed around to every person at the party. I did what my uncle told me, i introduced myself to her, made her laugh in our conversations and eventually flirted with her as the night progressed. Until i finally found myself alone in a room with her and our tongues are in each others throats.

Now like i said, i don't remember much about that night, but i remember having a hard time putting it in. I was laughing like a lunatic all the time, maybe it was the effect of weed in my system. We did it three times that night, but it was the third round that i remember the most. Mababa na yung tama ko that time. I remember her telling me that i'm obviously a virgin, i was eating her down there, she said i really have no idea what i'm doing.

So she gave me some pointers, the right spot to kiss and lick, the rhytm and movement of my tongue, everything. Later she told me that i'm getting better coz she's sensing her orgasm is about to explode. And when she let out a long aaahhhh and her legs were squeezing my head i knew that i succeeded making her cum, then she said "sarap ah?" She returned the favor and gave me head and then proceeded to do the deed. Again, she gave me some do's and don'ts while i was pumping her on top of her. It was very educational.

The next day i woke up around noon, she's already gone. And a few years later, when we had a clan reunion, i was bragging to my cousins about that night, the night that i lost my virginity. I was telling them about my diskarte that made a girl who is older than me to have sex with me when my uncle interrupted me and told me the truth. The whole thing about making her friend like me first was unecessary. He said that she would sleep with me without doing some diskarte on my part coz she wanted to experience giving someone their first time. In tagalog, gusto nyang maranasang mang donselya. He just made me do all those stuff to boost my confidence and prepare me for all the future hooking-up in college, and it worked. What a great uncle he is.

So there it was my first time. I hope some of you had a better firs... Read More

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