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RECOIL'S: Bachelor Express Experience

June 7, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Good day folks. It's my first time to share a story here. Years ago, I always had a fantasy about touching a woman and making her want me while riding a bus since my high school years. After seeing the movie by Charles Bronson where in a japanese young girl unwillingly enjoyed a finger fuck by a stranger inside a moving subway metro train in Japan. Had reached down on one of my top 10 fantasy. 

My story was right after college (several years back). I was working selling mobile phones that time here in Mindanao. those days the top of the line was nokia's 5110. I needed to go to different municipal (town’s) outside our city to check mobile signal so that I may know which town to strike and find a market. It was a big deal if I could get inside a municipality and get first clients from local officials. Offering them from Philips Savvy to Alcatel if they cant afford the Nokia line.

The bus that was going from one part of mindanao to another especially the northern part was Bachelor Express. I was very late to the bus because I have to make a demo with another prospect client in the Municipality of Bayugan (Now a City, part of Agusan del Sur). So when I got up the bus that was travelling from Butuan City it was already full not to mention it was a non-aircon. God the smell of burn tire and the mix of different people at 9pm was making me sick. I was gettin dizzy.  A couple then shouted “para” just few kilometers from where I boarded. When they got off; a young hot gurl infront of them was revealed. I moved since the folks from my back was pushng me to move forward for them to have a small open space.

The gurl was about my height but younger, fair complexion, sexy and was wearing a skirt.  That Turned me on. She was holding on the overhead bar, above us to gain balance; while beside her was a big sack. Crowded people infront of her and I was directly at her back. Beside me was a older guy but facing the right window. While the bus was running she tried to face the left window so that her front body wont bump at the guy infront of her.

She managed to hold the head part of the end of the chair infront of her with the left hand while her right hand was holding the handle bar above. After 30 minutes a fresh new passenger of 4 people came in which made the bus a lot more crowded. It was suffocating. yet I cant help but sieze the moment to test if I might get lucky. I was afraid but part of me wants to. Almost everyone was sleeping, road was hell (dirty politics) and in one way or the other she bumps into me every once in a while.

Her head was resting on her right arm. When a big bump hits the tires. I try to bump to her with my hard on hitting her left leg. And as the frequency increased I didnt remove my hard cock from her left leg. She looked at me while I tried to look at my mobile pone for a signal (yeah right). I know she could feel my cock yet she didnt complain or brush me off. I said to myself this was a sign. My body moved closer while my left hand was holding the arm bar above, My right hand then started to accidentally bump into her back, again while hitting bumps on the road (thank god to the politicians).

And when the lights on the bus turned off it was my chance. I slipped my hand underneath her skirt. and touched her butt. She didnt complain nor react. Instead she opened her legs wider. I kept on rubbing my dick on her leg. I was ready turned on. Then I slipped my fingers into the left side of her panty going down towards her pussy. SHit she was already wet when I got there.
I started to slide my finger deeper towards her clit, rubing it back and forth. She then burried her face on her shoulder with her hair covering her face. Her grip on the end of the chair got stronger as I move my finger faster and faster on her pussy lips towards her clit. I stayed on her clit for  a while rubbing it. Then she let go of her right hand then transfered her head on my chest. Dammnn; It was like i was ready to go crazy; It felt like I wasnted to fuck her right inside the bus. The light was still off. Most of the people was sleeping. I sneak my lips for a short kiss and she didnt complain. she opened her eye and looked if anyone saw it. She looked at me like she wanted more… She didnt smile…. her eyes was like begging…
I started to finger fuck her… Her left hand transfered towards my back and her right hand held the chair. I whispered if we could stop in San Francisco (crossing town in Agusan del Sur), she nooded. Before the bus could turn and enter the road going to the bus terminal in san frans. I shouted “para manong” ; Imediately I picked up my bag and her bag as well she just followed me down the bus.
I did not waste anytime, fearing she might change her mind. I waved at a passing motorized tricycle (3wheeled bicycle with a pumpboat motor). And said to the driver “pinaka doul nga lodge”(closest lodge), since those days in that town there was no motel or hotels. While in the riding we didnt say a  word. I just held her sweeting hand, I could feel she was afraid so I whispered to her ear “dont worry I promise you will enjoy it and I wont get you pregnant”, she just nooded and looked down. She cant look me in the eye.

When we got up the room I immediately kissed her while my hand went crazy all over her body. She asked to put the lights out. Which I did but opened the lights in the restroom then slightly opening the door.  I moved fast (she might change her mind), I didnt even bother to remove her skirt, just the upper part while I was sucking her nipples. I touched her panty while sucking her breast and I can tell she was very wet. My tongue then moved to her belly botton while my hands was removing her panty. Then i spread her legs and positioned myself to lick her pussy.
At first she protested not to; she was shy about the idea. But I went on, when my tonger touched her pussy lips, It felt like her body might jump off the matress. She was going nuts, she tried to stop her moan at first but later give in. I licked her for a long time from her clit to her hole. Tried to enter her with my tongue, then back to her clit. She was dripping really wet while and moaning hard. “SHIt shit”, “aahhhh yawaaaaa,” "Fuck yawaaaa shit aaahhhhh"…… those were the words she often utter.

While licking her my hands went down to my pants and just tried as fast as I can to remove my pants and underwear without stopping the process of eating her wet cunt. I did not bother to remove my polo shirt, I just knelled infront of her pussy placed her legs on my shoulder then slowly robbed my hard cock into her wetness and then slowly pushed my hard cock deep inside her…

"Aaaahhhh shit ka. Fuck uummmhhhh," she said while I slowly buried my hardness into her warm hole. It felt static, the electricity was just something I can't contain. It was a fantasy come true and I wanted to make her cumm more than just once. 

We fucked for 5 rounds before I run out of energy. She was shy at first but damn…. once she got it all going she was frickin hot. Later that morning while in bed hugging her, she shared that she was already horny while in the bus and I just ignitted it more (didnt ask why). She was on her way to Tandag City,... Read More

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