Recoil's: An Alternative to Lunch (The Appetizer)

January 21, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Few days after our steamy phonesex, for the first time after 2 years of chatting we decided to meet. She went to my place, my own office space beside my folks house.

I was very excited to finally meet her, I can’t contain myself and I kept on texting and calling her phone where she was or was she already near. Then a message saying she was already in the corner outside the block where our house was located.

As I walked towards the corner, I saw the description of the clothes she texted me with, then I smiled from the distance as I walked towards her.

We did not utter that much words, just a sweet smile and the requisite hi and hello. I held her hands and guided her where our house was situated.

“Sorry, my small office isn’t much, would you care for a drink, coffee or anything?” I politely asked her.

Then she smiled and hinted that she is fine and was glad to see what I was working on my computer.

I locked the other door that leads to our main house and when I got back to where she was seated; words were just an expression too little to say by those few short moments before the magic of our hormonal instinct erupted.

Our tongues intertwined as we locked our lips in search for the pleasure we kept suppressing all those months. The agonizing momentum leading to the moment was an electrifying sensation as I felt her soft gentle lips pressed against mine.

I tried to get her to have sex with me right there, but she stopped me.

“Not now, you know how short of a time I have. But let me do this to say thank you for being such a good friend,” she said while her hand slowly crept into my shorts where she felt my hardness waiting to break free.

Her silly naughty grin only made upcoming act more trilling and exciting.

“Oh fuck, shit ka Arm, yawa ka lami ana oi, ahhh fuck” was all my eloquent mouth could say in my native tongue as she ravished through the stiffness, guiding her mouth deeper along my shaft.

She expertly held the bottom part of my hard cock masturbating the lower part as she sucked the living daylights of out me on the remaining end of my shaft. Playing with her tongue, ravishing in clear pleasure, as I kept myself in control to not moan since my parents where on the other side of the concrete wall.

I wanted to fuck her, but she stopped me because her time was almost over due and her jealous hubby would be furious if she gets home an hour late. I understood the situation and politely just kissed her forehead and said “no need to rush, there are far more ways for us to be together next time.”

Next day she texted me that she was so wet after she got home and let out some steam off her husband, unfortunately she was not satisfied that evening siting how lame her husband was in bed. She shared that her partner would complain if she would ask sex with a lot of alibi’s and would tell her to stop being too aggressive because it was a sin for women to be that aggressive.

I was in total disbelief of how could a man point that out to his wife. Slowly a part of me was starting to understand her realities and the struggle she has to fight with over the years she has been married.

Over the next few days, she explained to me how hard and problematic her married life had been, not only about their sex life but as with financial stabilities since it was more like she was the one feeding the entire family. As an accountant she kept the family living on while her husband was a jeepney driver; yet constantly he finds ways to pick a fight and show he's ill mannered attitude even in fornt of their three children. She explained how his in-ability to provide better for his family became his insecurities t... Read More

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