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Recoil's: An Alternative To Lunch

January 18, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Before I came to FSS, a very good friend invited me into this site…

She knows how naughty I was and insisted that I should join the site since I was way too busy with my work.

“My friend, your getting too serious with your work, you should learn to reach out again to your naughty roots. I know you so much and as your good friend I know how crazy you are as well. Of all people, you can’t deny to me how naughty you get. Here is the link try to join FSS and be the real you again,” she said.

And yes she certainly knows me, but our story started almost a decade ago. A time when we had to smile the silly grin off our faces when we mention the word “lunch.”

This happened about 8 years back…

It was 8:00 in the morning and I just turned the computer off. I was up all-night; working, editing on the photos, graphics and layout designs since 11:00 in the evening. I was very sleepy; but instead of getting a well deserve rest, I picked up my bag, got out and then headed to the place where we planned to meet. When I got there, most of the shops and stores near the area were still closed. Inside the hotel I asked for a vacant room and then signed in after paying the receptionist.

Inside the room I cant help but think how it all got into that point.

Moving back, 2 years more…

I meet this woman named Armie while chatting on MirC, one of the earliest primitive chatrooms back then. Our conversation went from just plain casual to naughty and then we both shared our escapades and how naughty she was during her college days. She revealed that she is married and that she had been totally straight since she got hooked.

I shared to her about my experiences, situations and the rules of engagement if I would have sex with someone who is married, she got curious. Yet she tried hard to battle her curiosity.

Armie expressed that what I shared to her were quite amazing and it would be a lie if she would say that she was not tempted in any way.

“It’s tempting and quite amazing, reminds me of my good old days. But I won’t betray my husband,” said Armie.

Confused by her reaction.

“Wait, did I ask you to go to bed with me? Since you shared your experiences, so I just shared my side of the story. You don’t need to be alarmed I respect you and that of your family and I have no plans of destroying another person’s marriage besides our chat is fun the way it is,” I replied.

We bump into each other on-line from time to time, one month to the next. But she always rejects my invitation even for a cup of coffee or a bite at the fast-food chain since I was very curious to meet her and have a good conversation in person. Until we lost communication and I thought there wont be a chance for us to meet.

A year after our last chat, accidentally we again meet on line in my old YM account. I asked her if we could keep our communication on line going after I explained to her that I don’t want to loss tract of her again. After that our communication got more frequent not just on line but on the phone as well.

One day we talked on the mobile phone while she was inside her office. Our conversation got steamy hot that we ended up having the naughty deed on the phone. I made her touch herself even with the tight pants she was wearing at her office that day. It was exciting having the feeling that she might be caught in which she almost was.

“Fuck you made me so horny, I can’t imagine I’m so wet right now and I’m touching myself underneath my office table. This is crazy but I can’t help it, you really know how to make me horny,” said Armie on the phone while she was... Read More

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