Recipe for a Heartbreak

July 13, 2014 (3 years ago)
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Recipe for a Heartbreak
"Heat oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit"

"I have been dying for this."  He bent his head down and tongued my nipple.  I moaned and pushed my chest into his mouth.  I felt him slip my dress all the way down.  His thumbs slid into the waistband of my lace underwear and shoved them down my hips.  I now stand fully naked with my back against the wall.

He removed his clothes never taking his mouth away from my skin.  He was sucking the pulse point on my neck, he was kissing my chin, he was licking my nipples -- I felt him everywhere and all over me.

He kicked his boxers off and pressed his nakedness against me.  He pinned my wrists above my head with my back arched against the wall, my breasts pushing against his chest, and he slid one thigh between my legs.

I found myself rubbing my wet pussy against his thigh muscles frantically rocking against his leg and he pushed back even harder.

I gasped as I felt his mouth close over one nipple.  His cock was sliding  against my thigh - waiting and ready.

He then slid down to his knees and buried his face between my legs.  "No, I want you.  I want your cock."  I protested but he ignored me and slid his tongue right in.

He thumbed my clit, rubbing circles on the sensitive nub, his tongue moving in and out.  I felt myself begin to convulse and he slipped two fingers into me and finger fucked my while he sucked on my clit, hard and fast.

I screamed.  Even I myself couldn't make out the sounds I was making.  I came.  Hard against his lips, his tongue, and his fingers.

"Mix sugars, butter and egg in large bowl. Stir in flour, baking soda and salt. Stir in nuts and chocolate chips."

Last night he wanted me like a man wants a woman.

I remembered the way we tore at each other's clothes, the moment I dropped to my knees and took his length in my mouth, the incredible sensations that went through me as he returned the favor and went down on me, the wholeness of being joined together as lovers, and the safety of waking up with his arms wrapped around me.

And I woke up with a smile on my face.

I love him.

And when he told me he loved me last night, I almost wept with joy.

I  wasn't looking for love.

Yet he found me, he pursued me, he showered me with attention - now what's a girl to do with that but fall.  He melted my heart.

So I opened my  iPad,  logged onto my facebook account and started to type:

"She is 28.5. He is 28.5. Well actually, she is 30 and he is 27, but he had this grand idea of them meeting in the middle - the 3-year age difference be split into two for each of them. He was willing to gain 1.5 years of their age difference for her and they'd be equals.

Are they or aren’t they? That’s the question, but even they don’t know what they have. They weren’t into labels. But it’s there. Whatever it is. But thing’s are just starting. So why rush it, right? It could be something grand or not. But right now it’s too early to tell."

"Drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls about 2 inches apart onto ungreased cookie sheet."

He rolled onto his back and settled me on top of him.  I sat up and straddled him.  His hard cock settled in the crease of my pussy lips.

"I want to fuck like this."  I heard him say.  I felt his cock slowly slip into me.  The friction was delicious, and it was enough to drive me crazy.  I wrapped my hand around his cock and placed the head at my opening.  I lowered myself just enough that my wet pussy lips were kissing his cock head.

"Take it all in, please."  He gripped my thighs so hard I felt like I bruised.  "Fuck.  Sit on it.  Please, just sit on it."

I gave him a lusty smile and slowly eased down until his cock head breached me.  I felt his thickness slowly go inside me.  I braced my hands on his chest and eased my weight down.

He was murmuring unintelligible words.  Was it a curse?  Was he begging me for something?  I felt my inner muscles convulse and he moaned.  He jerked his hips upward and drove his hard cock farther inside me.

"Oh shit! This feels good!"  I was nearly out of breath.

His hips drove upward again, wrenching a cry from me.  I had to bite my lips to keep myself from screaming.  "Oh, please don't stop!"

I raised myself up and eased down again.  He held my hips tight and began to thrust upward meeting my movement.

"You like it like this?"  I asked.

"I love it like this."  He reached up and caught my by the back of my neck, pulled me down for a kiss.

Our mouths caressed in a dance more intimate than sex itself.  He nibbled at my lips.  I sucked at his tongue.

"Bake 8 to 10 minutes or until light brown (centers will be soft)."

"I have had an epiphany just today. I have been thinking about what happened between us, and I have been questioning myself why it happened  or more like why I allowed it to happen. I should not have risked my heart, but I did because I thought you were a nice guy and you deserved a chance. I said to myself it was not your fault. The circumstances just would not allow us to happen. Little good it did me.

Until yesterday, I kept making excuses – for you. Telling myself you really did not mean to do it and that you would get around and realize we can make it work. And that I will wait until that day comes and just be here when that happens.

And then it hit me. Why am I selling myself short? Why am I wasting my time waiting for this guy to come back when he has managed to fuck up my heart? And it finally dawned on me… “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Six powerful words. And it made sense. You’re not into me. That’s the reason why it won’t and will never work even if I wanted it to. Now I know the answer why… You’re not into me.

I wanted to hate you. But I realized what’s the point? It won’t do me any good harboring hateful feelings. I won’t be able to fully move on if I keep feeling sorry for myself.

Instead I want to thank you.

Thank you for making me realize my worth and not settling for anything less... Read More

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