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January 4, 2013 (5 years ago)
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Many of us here have sexual fantasy.Some may come true some may not.Mine did and with no regret i've been living with HER for the past 20 years.I was her first while she was the last of whom I went to bed with.Oh there were adventures and some fiascoes to but no regrets in making it TRUE.
To those of you who read,try making it TRUE.It won't become into reality unless you recognize it infront of you.Sure,there are situations but you know there is a way.You gamble hoping it works out and when it does.It's a happy partner in bed or a married life.
Be TRUE to yourself.Of what you read let it inspire of what's inside.There no shame in it.The only shame is when it WAS there and you never had the courage to come up and try.
FSS is a fantasy world.We amature writers(including first timers)express it here because this is the only place where we are FREE to be as we want to be sexually.
Outside were the ordinary Joe or Mary of the street of life.But inside,here in this realm we make our fantasy as we write.
yes,there are copycats some even post copy.I'll respect them for that in trying to express their inner self.Yet I urge you to TRY.There will be comments which may be hurtful some are even personal.But at least you tried.
Readers,be understanding with us.It's the best we can do.It ain't easy to conjure such a sexual fantasy.Though I warn you don't do something which may hurt your partner in bed.Instead be gentle and patient.Maintaining a hard on or that moment of sexual bliss for him/her isn't forever.As it slowly melts down let it end with a glow so that next time you and her cuddle with a happy smile.
Share as I have shared my fantasies of stories.I never had the guts to write mine till I tried.I took the good and the bad,used em to fuel such erotic moments my life had.It may sound impossible,but it happened or will happen again.
Those who are praised of such stories.humble yourself.recognize the new ones who are unpol... Read More

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