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June 16, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Yo, just wanna share what I am thinking right now.
After 26 yrs of existence so far. I realize.that, everything I have right now is what I exactly deserve not a bit less not a bit more
and also all of them are the results of my choices.

For example, nasa isang bar ka, and you see this hot chick on the club, what would you do.?
other say, may boyfriend n yan for sure, or others will be just in awe or na stun na sa ganda nya thinking
sarap neto, others will make a move on her, trying to get to know her to get in her pants

pero balik naman tayo, why am I saying this. For what reason,
For what nga ba.
Maybe it's because ive been listening to different people about how they see life.
and I realized they are right and most of them are telling me of things they wish they did
and I realized ulit of the things I wish I did,

like there was this crush of mine during college, crush na crush ko sya, but I did nothing, I just sat there at a distance just looking at her kung lalapit man sya, kahit hi lng nauutal pa ako. kung may oppurtunity man na magkakausap kami I just kept it short kasi ayaw ko mapahiya. until she had a boyfriend na. sakit nun men. and then after so many years mga 4 lng naman. I later thought she was in to me too. pero now d na pwede cause shes married and well ako in a relationship na. So I have this what if sa utak ko and also the word sayang.

haaayy.. things would be different cguro.

well anyways back to the hot chick sa club. to cut the story short none of the guys gotfor the girl, pero the way I see it is that the guys na take ng move sa hot chick na yun technically has a chance of.hooking up with that chick than those na nakatingin lng. sure... Read More

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