rainy days

April 1, 2014 (4 years ago)
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rainy daysIt wasraining, it was always raining everytime i  meet her,or every time she wants to see  me...
Jazz was playing in her apartment when i knock ather door, it was loud, but then again soare the drops of rain...
Anti ipation  builds i  my body and i said to myself "tagulan na naman.." 

I know that im her boy toy, her number 5, but i dont care, she has the 3 things i want in a girl...
Good  company, good conversation, and glasses, that is enough.
I dont want much just herspare time, where everything else doesnt exist but the two of us, and she does that everytime when we are together..

She opened the door she was wearing a big tshirt, mine, it hangs down to her knees, where her beautiful legs shows, cramy and smooth...she was bare foot, the sound of jazz magnified, she smiled, she held her hand
I took it and kissed it, it smels lovely, it was smooth and soft... anticipation bubbled up, i shivered..

"Deck nilalamig ka, tsk pasok ka nga, nagpapabasa kase" 

If only she knew why i shivered..

Let me tell something about her first, she works k  a  bookstore, petite,  boobs small enough i can grab each with my hand, firm soft, inviting...
She has glasses, hair smooth and long, and black as night...without the stars..
White glowing skin, smooth as cream, her smell is that of flowers, not overpowering but enough to send me into frenzy
Lips are thin, soft, and everytime she talks, it as if she is smiling, 
In 3 words, she is charming, sexy, and innocent... t i was dead wrong..

Now everyman has a definition of beauty, to me she is beautiful, to others she may not, she is like a flower about to bloom, like a spring after a harsh winter, that is her to me..

On to the story....

I removed my coat, dripping wet and she hands me a towel, took my things, and ordered me to shower..
I obliged, its her house, her rules, and i do not conquer... i submit..

As i go to the shower she shouted..
"Deck wag jan, dun ka sa kwarto ko maligo, ung damit mo ilagay mo nalang sa bin, ill take care of it"

Her room is on the 2nd floor, she lives with her 2 friends, both are out  spending their vacation, 
Yes we are alone.

As i undress, i hear some clatter in downstairs, she must be making lunch,
Then i shower
I cant hear anything but the sound of water, so as i finish.. i was startled when she hugged mefrom behind, stated playing with my manhood
"Tagal mo talaga maligo, nainip nako kakahintay" she told me as she squeezed my balls

I know better than to face her  so i let her continue, i tshut the shower down to a slow drizzle, and i let out a sigh when she grabbed my balls and cock, and she bit me..hard..

"Deck, im lonely tonight  dito ka matulog," it was an order

She pushed me to the side, pla ts a kiss me lips and went down to my cock
Her tounge licking my shaft like ice cream, bit the tip, and gently bit my cock, from the head down the shaf, when my cock is fully inide her mouth she let a moan go, her mouth and my cock vibrating inside here, i moaned. Then her tounge sfarted licking my cock while inside her mouth and she continued moaning.. 

I looked up, full of ecstacy i shudderer, and came when her tounge, rubbed the opening of my cock..
"Ahhhh...shit, nilunok mo?"
I knew the answer, for she was swallowing, and sucking, semen came out of her mouth, and she cleaned my cock vigourously, licking every inch of it, down to my balls.

She stood, i was going to kiss her, but she pushed me down...i did so slowly.. my tounge licking her soft red nipples, i bit it and she shuddered, then she pushed me down hard, i licked her hard nipple one last time, and continud lickimg her  down to her navel.. abdomen, groin and finally her clit, i bit it gently at first, she moaned,
I did.. licked it hard, bit it hard, juices flowed outside, as i eat her clit, she grabbed my left arm and started sucking my fingers, and my right she put it to her firm smooth breast, i squeezed her hard nipples and mashed them, 
"Ahhh...deck..sige pa, harder!"
She mashed my hands in her boobs hard...
Her juices now flowing, i stopped, my hands continued mashimg her breast, and she stopped sucking my fingers.. looked down on me, her eyes cold and fiery with anger,
"Fuck ka! Pag binitin mo ko!

I looked up, met her eyes, smiled and mashed her breast harder, i took my left hand from her, and opened her pussy, and licked it, while i looked straight to her eyes, we stared at each other, as i lick her pussy, then bit her pussy lips, and played with her clit..
She broke her gaze, she looked up, she moaned..and moaned..music to my ears..
Iinsert my finger inside her..she trembled..she screamed..
I insert another finger...
"Fuck ka DECK! DECK! 
I fingered her hard, and bit her clit..and licked her pussy, her juices flowimg, my fingers wet, i squeezed her nipple hard..
She was moaning, her head turning, as she trembled... i stopped everything,
She looked down again, her eyes wide in disbelief..
She met my gaze, now her eyes were pleading
Those sweet words
I broke my stare, i licked her once, she moaned
She shivered...
I sucked her pussy juice and licked her clit.. she looked up, she shivered harder
I entered my tounge inside her, her pussy sweet as honey..and tounge fuck her..in and out, my tounge tasting her pussy, feeling her inside, licking her, and squeezing her clit..
Her hands crushed my hands thats squeezing her nipples.. her breath becomes heavy, her legs tensed..and she moaned..long and loud...screaming my name..
"DEEECK..! Im cumming...more, harder, fuck...Ahh..fuck!
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