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Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
Is it her courtly locks of hair
That dances to your rhythm of despair
Her skin of porcelain and dusk
That furnishes you with warmth whenever you ask
Her playful and passion-speckled lips
That trembles against your finger tips
Or is it her beckoning eyes
That turns your words to lullabies

But she is of the earth and the sea
Her youth will betray her and flee
Her petals will wither
And the taste of her leaves will turn bitter
Her pages will wrinkle
And her bind will grow brittle
Time will tarnish her demeanor
Until all that’s left in the mirror
Are her grains and bare disposition
Her beliefs and comprehension

What happens when her honey becomes bland
Will her hymns of wit still enchant your mind?
When the years finally take its toll
Will her words be able to kindle your soul?
And when the beauty departs,
Will her mind be enough
To satiate the hunger in your heart?

Good sir, pray tell
What is it about her
That makes your flame swell
If it is just the flesh you are craving
And nothing more beyond her bearing
You will lose her like a sunken ship
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