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Remember the days, when you can't fall asleep.
You need nothing but brace, you had nothing to weep.
Their baffle-stilled eyes, sons of defeat.
They breathe through lies, their cloak of deceit.

She broke a thousand men, waged a hundred wars.
The grandeur of a queen, who ruled through her scars.
Endured the deepest wounds, braved the gravest sea.
What favor of the gods have I done, to take hold of thee?

I, a slave, they branded, thy fate has enthralled.
To make night into day, for past to be recalled.
With a worn and bloodied sheath, I knelt upon her.
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Nako si RF ba? Ay pucha, tol wag yan. Matindi yan. Ngiti pa lang nakakapag paluwag na ng garter ng panty. Alam mo bang pinag sabay nyan si Anne Curtis at si Cristine Reyes tapos hiniwalayan para kay Anne Hathaway? Yung account nya sa FB? Susmaryosep tol, ini-stalk ng lahat ng chickas. Oras oras nga raw may nagmakaawang makipag date sa-- Huh? Sinong rhythmfreak? Aba malay ko.. Hindi ko kilala yon. Ipagtanong mo sa iba.
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