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September 3, 2013 (3 years ago)
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If you want to read my other posts, just click on my username.  I am already 37 yrs old (Marami na ring napagdaanan), have 2 kids, married but separated (walang annulment) due to infedility on both our part.  I used to teach part time and work in a call center as an I.T. technician (systems).

This story happened in the summer of 2010.  Although I teach part time (9 units per semester), it is my pledge and oath not to have relations with my students.  Although there are lots of opportunities to play with your students, I try hard not to be tempted.  Besides, in my 4yrs teaching, I have not flunked any lady student except for those who really doesn't attend class.

During summer, the school would not give me any teaching loads as those are reserved for the full time teachers, so I have all much time for myself.  I was having coffee one day with some officemates when I heard someone call my name.  On the other table opposite us were a group of girls, 4 of them and I easily recognize 2 of them as they were my former students.  I approached their table and just said hi to them.  They asked me to join their table and introduced themselves as my students 2 semesters ago.  I could only recognize Delia and Sol among the 4 of them.  Delia was your typical outgoing girl, boyish and is a "one of the boys" type of girl.  They told me that they just finished enrolling for summer.  It was still around 11am in the morning and the girls asked me to treat them for lunch jokingly.  I told them that it was not yet payday so I was kinda broke and instead asked them to treat me instead.  We just shared laughs and giggles when my colleagues which I forgot seated at the other table came over and excused themselves as they have to rest.

The 2 other girls also excused themselves leaving me with Delia and Sol.  We talked about studies and their ambitions in life.  Asked me about my personal life and were shocked to learn that I was married but separated.  Delia then asked me to join them for lunch.  We went to a restaurant and we met by Sol's bf.  I forgot his name but it would seem that the guy was rich chinito guy and looks married (it looked like Sol was a "kabit" and the guy's scholar) and in public, it would seem they don't have a relationship.  Sol was not really that pretty (pimples on her face) but was a muse of the department in the Intramural's for her sexy body.

After lunch, Sol and his bf excused themselves as they would go somewhere else.  Delia asked me to accompany her since her boat was to leave at 8pm that night and she just wanted someone to be with her to waste time.  Since my work was still at 10pm, I accompanied her.  We just went to the mall just talking.  Feeling uneasy, and afraid people we know would think differently, I asked her that we avoid the mall and go to a coffee shop nearby that is not crowded with people.

Although it was just nearby (about 15min walk), we took a cab since it was around 130pm that time.  She rode at the back and I sat at the passenger side.  Before we could give instructions to the cab driver, the driver asked us Prince Court or King's Court.  I couldn't answer immediately so Delia jokingly told the driver, "King's Court na tayo Hon" which shocked me and left me speechless throughout the journey.  Delia just smiled and when we reached our destination, she told me not to worry as nothing would happen to us and it was the place to avoid the crowd and we would just talk and just let the time pass.

We got a big room and she jumped to bed as I checked the room.  Delia, around 19 yrs old that time.  She has a pretty face but is covered by her strict looking face (maldita).  She has short hair, about 5'3" and a little chubby, and maputi.  Her arms are a little skinny compared to her big legs and butt.  I sat across her on a chair while she sat comfortably on the bed.  She was wearing a pair of jeans and a white polo blouse.  We were silent for a few minutes when I decided to turn on the TV.  There were a few channels and all of them were showing porn movies for which we both just laughed.  I was afraid and excited at the same time.  It was as if it was my first time.  I even didn't realize that we were there already.  We talked about our lovelife, about cheating, about my kids (which was a libido killer).  She also asked me how many students of mine have I banged.  I told her honestly that wala pa and that it was my oath to avoid getting involved with my students.  She then told me jokingly that she was not my student anymore for which we laughed and made my face turn red.  She then told me about Sol's bf, na kabit talaga si Sol and that guy was the one sending Sol to school.  We talked for about 30mins more interupted by some text messages.  I then told her if she wants to rest, she can sleep and I would just wake her up.  She hid under the sheets and took of her pair of jeans.  She then thanked me that I spent time with her and that I was so nice that I didn't take advantage of her.  "Kung ibang lalake ka pa, naka one round na tayo" was her statement.

Still under the sheets, she looked at her feet and saw it was dirty, so she stand up forgetting she was only in her panties to go to the toilet to wash her feet.  Realizing it, and me looking at her, she ran to the toilet and about a minute after came out in a towel.  Her hair was wet and she looked naked inside.  I asked her what happened, she told me that she inadvertedly turn the shower on instead of the faucet.  Seeing her in a wet look gave me huge turn on.  I could see her legs since the towel was small and could only cover her body partially.  She got hangers, and put her wet polo, bra and panty to let it dry.  Doing so, it exposed her legs, and partially her butt as she raised the hangers to hang the wet clothes.  I was now also sure that she was naked under the towels.  She went back under the sheets and told me to adjust the aircon so it won't be that cold.  I just sat there observing her and could feel my hard cock ready to explode.

She then asked me to sit beside her on the bed.  We continued to talk and she told me that she already has a daughter and that she got pregnant when she was 16 and the kid was 2yrs old already.  She then placed her hands in my crotch and felt my huge hard on.  She unhooked my belt and unbuttoned my jeans, slid her hands under and started to massage my dick.  While she was doing that, she was breathing slowly and moaning, her other hand playing with her pussy.  I felt ecstasy and pain as my cock was stuck under my brief and jeans.  I slowly pulled my pants down and my cock sprang out like a shock absorber.  She began to stroke it while my hands slowly moved towards her big breasts.  Her nipples were big and were erect.  My fingers were playing with it pinching it and massaging the boobs.  She then moved down and went straight to my cock and gave me blowjob.  I was laying flat watching her giving me head as I watch her in a mirror just above us.  I pulled the sheets down so I can see her full body in the mirror.  She then moved forward and tried to let my cock enter her.  I stopped her and told her I should wear condoms.  She told me it was ok but I insisted.  I stand up and got a box of condoms nearby and got one.  She was now laying in bed with legs wide open.  She was cleanly shaved.  Her pussy lips was dripping wet.  Watching her and me putting on rubber, she slowly fingered herself.  I tried to lick her, but she pulled me up towards her breasts.  I licked, sucked and even bit it while she continued to play with herself.

I then moved up and entered her while kneeling.  Raising her legs unto my shoulders and began pumping.  With every push, she was moaning, then shouting.  It was a super turn-on hearing a woman moan and shout sa sarap.  It didn't took long that I ejaculated.  I lay on top of her gasping for breath as I had my left my cock still lingering inside her.  We just lay in bed naked watching ourselves at the mirror above us.  We didn't talk, we just looked at each other.  After a while she went to the toilet and washed herself.

I followed her after a while and she was still bathing.  I just had to pee and watched her.  She just smiled.  I waited for her to finish so I can wash up as well.  I decided not to join her and waited.  After a while, she emerged and I went in to wash up.

We had silence all over the room and we had a short nap.  I think it was... Read More

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