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November 30, 2013 (4 years ago)
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I just read recently lhabfloat's masterpiece, "Laman Tiyan", and this really bothers me no end or should I say tickles my curiousity with pregnant women. Well, when my partner got pregnant, our primordial concern was her safety and that of the baby so we avoided sex really. Matter of fact, if my memorary serves me right, we just indulged in oral sex when she reached 5 months of pregnancy. 

Anyway, upon reading Laman Tiyan, i started to browse for sex videos involving preggos and I found a plenty. I was so surprised that I did all by myself 8 times that night just watching those videos. The bigger the tummy the harder I get.

Hope I am not alone with this kind of weird fetish? Do you guys also got turned on with women on the way? How about you ladies, do you still feel horny from conception to labor's eve?

Are there ladies out there who are pregnant who can help me out on this, I'm... Read More

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