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January 9, 2016 (2 years ago)
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oh, how i want to be back at least once,
on that exact moment you were in trance,
on that starry night when your eyes soar to the sky,
while your heart's sauteing questions mostly of whys.

well, it's a bit diffrent for me, i tell you,
when i felt that entirely encompassing feeling, now, i knew,
then, i wish that moment if she and i were looking on the same star...
so goes, god, please let me make a poem to melt her heart...

and so it did, i find the perfect rhyme for her name,
then we marched to the altar...,coz we felt the same,
that's why on past moments we've been in trance,
we all wish to be back not just once...

how i wish i'm like you, a budding poet once again,
when lush dreams and whimsical wishes begin,
when words come insanely falling from the sky,
so, when you fin'lly make a poem, you're on a super high...

i made this poem for wettpuss...
i do not know her... but an inn... Read More

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