Pinoy stereotypes and double standards

January 21, 2018 (4 months ago)
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I'm sorry guys but I'm sure you also have a different list for us Pinays or ladies in general.

Disclaimer: If you think you are not part of what is being described here, please comment with caution lest you come in as being defensive. These are just my opinion based on the guys I know.

Here are a few of my own list of stereotypes and double standards:

1. Most Pinoys are mama's boys but half of these will deny that they are one. One very evident trait is being undecisive. They rely on their mothers or eventually their partners to take care of matters which they see as "petty". Then they get used to it that they rely on them in almost all matters needing their decision. 

2. First feeling pogi move is saying or texting or sending a pm that only says "Hi!". Unless a.) its real time chatting, how would you expect a girl/lady/woman to respond to that kind of message?! b.) you know each other already and saying a simple hi is enough to get her attention c.) refer to #1 as being undecisive and rely on the lady to lead the conversation.

3. Says that us girls are very talkative and always into sharing gossips. But actually, guys are more into these and more detailed. Most likely, the information from their gossips are more reliable that what their female counterpart knows.

4. Boys don't cry because they are macho and strong. Yeah right! All the more you prove that you are #1. You are strong because you are used to having your mama fight your battles.

5. Speaking of battles but somewhat a contradiction to being macho and strong. Pinoys shy away from confrontation. They will hide as much as they can if they are guilty and know that thare is no chance of winning this battle.

6. Pinoys are torpe. Another link to #1. Because they are used to being pampered and getting what they want without lifting a finger, they don't even know what to do to win their beloved's attention and eventually their heart. They are afraid of rejection or failure in general. Also a link to #4.

7. Guys can have multiple partners, even have a child/children out of wedlock without much questions asked. In some cases even have children from different partners. Sometimes it is even considered a trait as being "magaling", "lahing habulin" etc. Even in this age, women with a child out of wedloc... Read More

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