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'Tanginang babae ito ang lakas nang dating sa akin,nalibugan ako sa nakita ko na naka display pa doon sa side table.Coco thinking out loud as he was heading to the laundry room.He's used to doing these very delicate household duties.He's had his share of embarrasing moments with past guests but this one,this one really takes the cake.As he reached the laundry machine he set down the laundry bin and started separating the colored and whites for laundry.Unlike asians most anglo saxons tend to leave some stains and odor.Coco isn't much of a fetish guy but somehow this day is different.he still smelled that distinct smell which he cannot identify it.Till he once again saw that black lingerie of Gina.
'Aha!Eto pala ang nangangamoy na kakaiba...Ummmm...Kaya pala tinigisan ang pedro ko kanina pa.'
Coco picked up that lingerie,held it close to his nose and took a whiff again of it's scent.
'Ummmmm...'Yup ka Ma'mm Gina,pag ako e mauno na sa iyo yari ka sa aking pedro talaga.'
Coco threw that piece of underwear with the other under wear and started thelaundry process.Better to get this done or else it will be a hell of day for me and Bebeko to handle.
Bebeko was at the garden doing his usual chores.Either tending the plants and trees or cleaning the leaves that fell unto the swimming pool water.This morning as he was doing his chores he was huming a bar song he finds amusing to sing along while working.
'Pumapatak nanaman ang kuwan ni Mang Juan sa bubong nang aking bahay.
Yumuyugyog ang bubong pag humahalay...'
Bebeko was enjoying this song till he noticed that the lady guest was coming out of the balcony wearing that thin silk bath robe.He maybe old but he still has hawkeye vision.Regina stood out into the morning sun her nipples carving out in form,a cool breeze blew which parted the lower front half of the bath robe.She was enjoying the solitude of the moment because somehow she felt the breeze caress her soft skin specially in the nether regions.
'Pag sinusuwerte ka nga naman...grasya ay darating nga...'
Gina stood there enjoying the radiance and breeze.Unknowingly Bebeko saw how silky and inviting it was to view her exposed genitalia.An erection started to occur to Bebeko's flaccid penis.His hand automatically drew on the surface of his work pants.He could'nt help but mutter to himself of what he wants to do to Gina's body if given the chance to copulate with her in the master's bedroom of the house.
'Ummmm...1 time lang.Maka isa lang ako sa iyo at di ko pagsisihan na makantot ka ma'mm Gina.Ooooohhhh...'
'Ay putris na...ano ba't iniistorbo mo ako,ha?!'
'Nong ginagawa mo nanaman diyan,ha?!'
'Shhhh!...'wag kang masyadong maingay nga diyan.Kita mo nang may naka buyangyang sa balcony nang bahay...'
Coco looked to where Bebeko was looking at.He was surprised that Gina stood there not knowing her hidden wares are being viewed by unwanted viewers.
'Langya...kanina pa siya diyan?'
'Oo,kaya tumahimik ka diyan at pag samantalahan na natin ang pagkakataon.'
Bebeko was right,if not now it's when it may never occur again.
Gina was lost in thought of how she wished she could have been satisfied even without sex replaced by a child who will fill in that need Francesco has been neglecting to give.Her hands crept to one of her breasts while the other to her breezed blown vagina.Her fingers smoothly cupped one covered breast but her other hand started to play on the surface of her tender vaginal lips.It parted them,she felt for where it was to find.And when these fingers found it she uttered a stiffled groan.Her breast that was being carressed pinched the now puttruding nipple.She played and teased with herself standing there in that balcony.Not caring now if she might be found by the two men who were secretly enjoying her dilemma.
'Oooohhh...uuuuummmm....ummmmpp...Oh!oh!oh!... Read More

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