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Francesco and Gina finished breakfast.Coco immediately left Bebeko's side so that the couple would'nt notice of his absence inside of the house.
'Perfect breakfast Coco...'
'Thank you sir!'
Gina passed Coco as if he did'nt existed.Coco did'nt show any reaction.As the couple continued their conversation towards the front door of the house.Coco looked backed at the 2 of them,he was enjoying the rear posterior of Gina's perky ass.Muttering quietly his comment to himself.
'Tangina!hayup ang puwet nitong babae ni Francesco...Magkamali ka lang na maabutan kita sa 1 kahiya hiyang sitwasyon at sigurado ako may magsisi sa maling pagtratrato.'
Coco went to the breakfast nook of the kitchen and started to clean up the plates and stashed the left over meals.He called Bebeko to join him in eating their breakfast of what was left over from the meals of the couple.
'Bebeko,dine na para mag almusal tayo.'
'Andiyan na!'
Bebeko came inside sweating from what he was doing outside.The two sat down on their household quarter's table that doubled also as a platform to write or what ever was needed to do.
'Huwaw!Itlog at saka bacon,sarap nang almusal natin ito'
'Kainan na,eto yung sinangag.'
The two ate their breakfast with rice.While eating they'd be discussing of what was needed to be done for the day.Usually,when they have house guests they never have such problems in relating to their guests needs.Coco usually had a good working relationship with every guest even that of Bebeko.But this couple,this was 1 that they've been unable to please with what ever they do as househelps.
'Hayup talaga pare.Buti pa yung lalaki pinasalamatan ako sa almusal na inihanda ko ngayong umaga.pero yung asawa...Naku nag iinit ulo ko talaga,grrr!'
'Easy ka lang Coco,tandaan mo sila ang mga boss natin at tayo ay mistulang mga empleyado.'
'Lam ko yun pare,ewan ko ba kung ano bang nagawa natin at ganiyan ang trato sa atin,lalo na sa akin.'
'He!he!he!Ako alam ko kung bakit..'
'O,sige nga sabihin mo sa akin kung bakit ganiyan yung asawa sa atin lalo na sa akin?'
'Wag kang magagalit,ha?Kasi kung maka tingin ka sa kaniya e para bang lalamunin mo nang buhay..'
'Ano?bakit mukha ba akong mamatay tao!'
'O easy ka lang,kaya nga nag dadalawang isip ako kung sasabihin ko yan sa iyo eh...'
May punto naman talaga si Bebeko sa kaniyang obserbasyon kay Coco.Masisi mo ba ang 1 tao lalo pa kung ang kaniyang nasasalamuha ay yung tao na nag bibigay dahilan para maging mahina sa temtasyon nang kalooban niya?
'Payo ko sa iyo,medyo bawas bawasan mo,yun lang.At magbabago ang pakikitungo ni ma'mm sa ating 2 lalo na sa iyo.'
'E ano nga pa ba?'
When the 2 were done eating breakfast they cleaned up their mess and started what they've been doing for 2 years already in this house.Coco takes care of the inside while Bebeko was of the outside.Since they were men no such work needed their assitance from one another in helping do their work.One of Coco's part of the work was colecting the laundry,he did'nt show any eagerness before in doing this in the past but this time he was excited.
'Ma'mm it's me Coco,i've come to get your laundry.May I come in?'
'Just a minute...'
Gina was laying once again in their bed,spread eagled and was on the verge of her next orgasms thanks to the use of her glass crytal dildo which was partially inserted in her inflamed vagina.This dildo was coated with the saliva and vaginal fluids that helped in it's purpose.With her left hand holding the stem she moved it the way a natural penis moves,her right hand was nearby the entrance of her pulsing organ,the fingers teasing that particular human part.the flicking on it's surface reverbrated with unending waves of orgasms.Lip biting herself she restrained from moaning loudly.She feared that the househelp might be hearing her groans and explisive words when satisfying her unquenched thirst of sexual pleasure.
'Oooohhhh....I want your cum Francesco,I need your jizms inside of me....Ummmmmm....'
'Ma'mm Gina can I come inside now?'
'Ummmmm....Aaaaagghhh....Oh!oh!oh!oh! Of all the time he has to get the laundry it's when i'm satisfying my personal needs..Just a bit more...Ummmmmm...Oh!oh!oh!Here I cuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!...Eaaaagghhh!!!!!'
Gina's left hand was moving in an upward downward fashion the way men stroke their penises when masturbating.Her right hand's fingers flickered the inflamed lips that clung to the glass crystal dildo tight.Open legged she trashed her lower torso like there was something pulling it upward and downward.The orgasm she just experienced was the best she has done.The throes of it made her legs shake as it subsided so did she lower herself finally in the bed.Sweat poured out of her flawless white skin.Open mouthed her cries of sexual exstacy quieted.She only came to stop when she once again heard the knocking of Coco on the door.
'Ma'mm this is Coco you alright in there?'
'Just a minute!'
Gina got up and placed the glass crystal on top of the night table nearest to her.She grabed her robed and wrapped her half naked body.Tied the piece of cloth to conceal her nakedness and walked towards the locked door and opened it.
'Good Morning Ma'mm Gina,i've come to get the laundry.'
Gina turned and walked inside,Coco followed behind her,enjoying again that fine shaped ass.
'I can't help it ma'mm but I heard you groaning are you alright?'
Shit!he heard me as I came a moment ago.Oh no!he might see that crystal glass dildo.Gina was embarrased that Coco may see the device which has caused her to cry out loudly.She prayed he would'nt see it where it is right now.
Coco can't deny what his eyes saw on the night table.She did,she did played with her pussy!I can see the liquids that came out of her wet pussy.
"something wrong Coco?'
' you smell that ma'mm Gina?Sniff!sniff!'
'What do you smell Coco?'
'I'm not quiet sure ma'mm...must be something i'll be finding out later when I clean the garbage can.'
Coco knew what that scent was he had a smirk of a devious smile not directed to Gina but Gina felt that it was towards her.
'Well please look into it,I can smell it already too.'
Gina's vaginal fluids where flowing out of her with it was the odor of a woman's body.To a man be their old and specially to a young one it creates a craving that roots from the inside.Instinct takes over immediately.But these are the modern times and man has learned to control it from overcoming him.Coco's dormant penis was getting stirred,a lump was growing and it  did also str... Read More

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