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Even if Francesco wanted to satisfy Gina's need of the moment he cold'nt because he was running late already from going to work.
'I'm sorry dearest but i'm already late to go to work.i'll make it up on our special weekend.Alright?!'
Gina was devastated inside.She was hoping that Francesco would be interested this morning for a moment of passion between them.Her sexual needs where already too much for her to ignore indeed.She needed a fulfilling that her man could give.
'Awww..alright!But tonight you come home early.You came home late again last night.'
'I will try honey.It's just that the work there does'nt seem to end at all.You know how it is...'
'Promise me or i swear i'll be cutting your balls off !'
'Regina!Such language...Ugggh!I will not listen to such foul language coming from you.'
Gina knew when her husband starts with her name formally she knows he's serious and is offended by what she has done to him.
'Husband,i'm sorry for speaking that way.Can you forgive me?'
Francesco loked into her eyes,he knew she was penitent when asking for forgiveness.
'I forgive you,I promise i will do my best to come home early.Now,let's go down and eat a hearty breakfast.'
Both of them got dressed for the day.Since Francesco was the only one who will be leaving,Gina would be left with the 2 local househelp in the house.
When they got downstairs,breakfast was already laidout on the table.Eggs and Bacon,bread bought from a well known bakery of the subburb of the place they were living in.A pitcher of orange juice and cold water to complete it.
'Good morning sir and ma'mm!'
'Ahh!Good morning Coco.I see you've prepared our breakfast.Thank you.'
'Your welcome.'
'Where's the coffee Coco?'
'Oh?!oh yes it's still brewing ma'mm in the perculator.'
'Get it!I always want my coffee instead of orange juice or of water!'
Coco immediately went to the kitchen to get that potfull of coffee for his mistress.
'Gina,you culd have been a bit more kinder in saying what you want.Coco tries his best in serving us.'
'I'm sorry Francesco,but i'm used to that way when I eat my breakfast back in Italy.'
Coco came back with the coffee pot and 2 empty coffee cups carried in a tray.He immediately laid it next to the food and poured a cup of it and served it first to Gina.She accepted it with out even acknowledging the effort of Coco to please her.Francesco stopped Coco from serving him coffee.Instead he poured the orange juice himself and took a sip of it.
'Ahhh!Perfect Coco,your orange juice is quiet tasty.'
'Thank you sir.It is what you wanted.freshly squeezed when served.'
That will be all Coco...'
Coco heard the cold order of Gina,that was his cue to leave his masters in dining this morning meal.
'yes ma'mm...'
Coco nodded to Francesco which was acknowledge with a kind smile.He left the 2 to eat.
Outside Coco's companion Bebeko was already doing his garden duties.Though it is still early he was sweating like a pig because he had to clean the grass of fallen leaves from the trees which were part of the garden.Besides that he also must take the ones out of the pool's water.It will be a pile when he's done doing that.The husband and wife were dining their breakfast unknowingly Bebeko was enjoying the view of what he was eyeing at.
Gina's legs where apart and Bebeko saw it.he was'nt so sure if there was some hair down there but he was grateful of the chance he secretly desired for ever since the 2 arrived from Italy.He could'nt help himself from having a tremendous erection because one of his sexual fantasies was to engage in sex with a white woman like Gina.
'Tangina mo...magkamali ka lang na pumarada na naka bikini tulad nang dati e talagang kakantutin ko yang puke mo 'kaw puti ka.Pilikmata mo lang ang hindi makakaranas nang libog ko pag mangyari yun.'
Bebeko was muttering of his sexual desire to himself believing he as alone in the garden when Coco crept behind him.
'Hooy!Ano ba yang pinagtitinginan mo diyan,ha?Kanina ko pa ikaw napansin na naka tayo ka lang diyan nag didilig nang mga halaman dito,magwawalis ka pa nang dahon.Bilis bilisan mo naman diyan.
'He!he!he!'wag kang magulo diyan at pinuputol mo naman yung magandang eksena na nakikita ko ngayon,ayun o!'
Bebeko motioned his closed lips in directing Coco's vision to the view.Coco turned his eyes to the direction Bebeko meant of.He gasped but without revealing it too much.He became quiet and muttered to Bebeko of his opinion about it.
'Langya ka talaga,ka aga aga e sinusuwerte ka nga 'no?Ako itong nasa loob na nga at nakakasama yan pag may inuutos e ni minsan ay hindi ko nakitaan nan nakabukaka yang babae na yan.
'He!he!he!Suwerte swerte lang yan Coco.O ano bang atin at nilapitan mo ako.Puputulin mo nanaman ang kaligayahan ko eh.
'Bebeko,sa darating na sabado at linggo ay may dayoff tayong 2.Utos ni mrs kay ser na ipag dayoff nga tayo.Kasi wedding anniversary.Gusto ni ma'mm Gina na siya ang sisilbi sa 2 araw na iyon sa kaniyang matandang asawa.'
'O ganoon naman pala eh,e di mag dayoff nga tayo.Wala namang mawawala sa atin kasi inutos ni mrs eh...Andres na andres itong 1 ito 'no Bebeko?
'Hee!hee!hee!Ano nga pa ba?Kanina mo pa ba nasisilayan yung kaniyang nakatranka na daanan sa paraiso?'
'Medyo...Bakit gusto mo ikaw naman?'
Ngumiti lang si Coco at pumuwesto na rin sa medyo hindi kapuna punang position sa tabi ni Bebeko.
'tarantado ka,'lam mo namang nagiinit yung dugo ko sa babae na ito.Urong ka nang kaunti para masilayan ko rin.'
Bebeko stepped aside so that Coco could have a view also.... Read More

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