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Kamusta ba FSS?Kung mapupuna ninyo e hindi ako kagabi nagpakita o nag paparamdam sa chat room.Andito kasi ako sa isla nang Palawan.Ganda nang lugar,ito yung gustong gusto mapuntahan at makita nang mga turista local o banyaga.Anyway,kasama ko sa kuwarto ay 1 6 footer na italyano.Di ko naman gaano pa kakilala pero siya na ang nag pakilala sa akin.Siya si Francesco.1 italyano na dito sa 'pinas idinestino nang multinational company nila para pangunahan ang pag papatakbo nang computer department.Tinanong niya ako bakit ako nandirito sa Palawan at sinabi ko ang dahilan,Siya naman ay sinabi din sa akin kung bakit nandito rin siya.Ang kaniyang malungkot pero erotikang istorya ay nagsisimula sa kaniyang bahay na pag aari din nang kumpanya.Kasama niya pumunta dito ang kaniyang mas batang asawa na si Regina.Ilalathala ko sa inyo ito sa English dahil mas maiintindihan natin ang buong istorya kesa sa itranslate ko pa sa wikang tagalog.

'I don't like them here!'
'Gina,I can't send those young men away their company employees.Besides their the one's who keep this nice house very presentable for us to live in right now.Surely you can understand that.'
Regina was'nt happy of being in a house with 2 young men who works for her husband she isn't familiar with in origin.Though they were locals they have been chosen because of their fluency in english.Since that is the common language they all easily understand with each other in communication.
'Francesco,maybe if there is a female prefferable 1 who would supervise them in what they do i'd be feeling safer.Si?'
'I'll look into that Gina,just to make you feel safe in our stay here in the Philippines.'
'Oh this weekend it's our anniversary,can we have a moment alone here in this house.No house help,send them off this weekend.I want it to be just the 2 of us.'
Francesco married Regina or Gina as she preffers to be called because of companship.He married late in his 40th birthday.Gina who was in here 20's was the most attractive of the secretaries the company they both were working for in Italy.In a short span of time they got married.Coincidentally,the board of directors noticed Francesco's dedication of work and so they had him assigned in their asian office and even promoted him as Vice president of the computer division to supervise it.So now here they are discussing of their daily life.
'You have something special planned?'
Gina,smiled mischiveously to Francesco.
'Si!I want this anniversary to be special for you and for me.'
'May I know why?'
'Because on this weekend i'll be 'ripe' and we've been trying for months now Francesco.I want to give to you the most important gift you'll ever have in your life.'
Francesco immediately recognized of what Gina meant of.A family.They've been at it like rabbits and yet nothing was happening.They've both had themselves medically examinced and it turns out Francesco has low sperm count.Their doctor also said it must be also of age and work.He should have married while he was still young but now,now that he's in his late forties not only is he low in sperm,he's also with erectile dysfunction.He could perform but not like what every virile man should be when engaged in coitus to his chosen 1.
Gina is an italian woman.A woman who has been bred from a well to do family in Italy.In here genes are the ones what most men would know of.Passionate in bed and ideal as a housewife for a home.Lately,because of the stress in the office he has been neglectful of his duties to keep her satisfied.He has been taking erectile helping drugs to make up for his shortcomings.He knows he may not be able to have the right amount of sperm but he knows with those drugs he can at least satisfy Gina's wantoness even when he has spitted out his sperm.
'So,I want you to go to the doctor and have your prescription be filled,it's gonna be a long weekend for you and me Francesco.'
'I make sure not to forget that Gina.Well time for me to go...'
'Francesco...leave later.Your the head of your department,i've got something that needs to be filled also right now...'
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