Peace... in Nothingness...

June 2, 2015 (3 years ago)
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The lives inside of me are struggling to crawl out, trying to be free, trying to remind me that I have once lived them. These lives try to become me again. I can feel them nudging and budging, rendering nothing but pain in the process..

Memories, images of what I were rush through my head like a bullet train, leaving me blind, leaving me restless. I have been standing at my bedroom door, but now, I am crouched down low, tucking my head between my arms, as if trying to block the memories from escaping…

I try to chase those memories, to put a name to them, but they only flash before my eyes.

I try to scream, but my voice stops at my throat, and only a hoarse whisper comes out, barely audible.


They all shout inside of me, but all I can hear are hushed voices… Shh.. I need my focus.. Shh.. I try to grasp a piece of my sanity..

Then, the crawling stops, knowing that they have no escape. Knowing that they are bound to me until I leave this world.


Breathing... I hear heavy breathing. Probably my own, but I am too disoriented, too demented to determine the source..

Ahhhh!!! Just as soon as they stopped, here they begin again, no more crawling out. But they are scratching from my insides, tearing up my flesh!!! It hurts!! This is far worse than a broken bone! Far worse than being stabbed!! Far worse than a gun shot wound!! Ahhh!!! Hands!! Hands appear on my back!!


I try to grab them, but they are out of my reach! I reach harder! I have touched something slippery and thin, a finger perhaps. Then my hands were covered in blood, my own. Now, they are struggling as elbows appeared...

I cannot describe the searing pain that’s been tearing my body apart for some time now. I cry silent tears for this fate.

Ahhh. Warm pools of crimson blood, trickling, flowing down my back i... Read More

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