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Patawad II

December 3, 2013 (4 years ago)
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"Here's your order sir,Ribeye steak,Inihaw na Mahi mahi,assorted fruits and a bottle of chilled red wine.That will be 2,500 php pls."
Phew!Buti na lang at may pera ako na dala kung hindi e pahiya ako kay Lisa.Paid the bill brought the food to where Betsy was parked.Inside I saw her all curled up,the seat was reclined.Good thing she was wearing the race jacket kung hindi e nilalamig siya kahit ba nasa loob nang sedan.I opened the car and she stirred up as I was slipping on the drivers seat.
"Uhhhh...tagal mo naman."
"Sorry,you know it takes a while to cook the food you said I should order for ya."
"Ikaw,what did you get?Baka gutom na gutom ka na,i'll drive while you rest for a while."
"Naw,kaya ko pa naman mag drive."
"Malayo pa ba?"
"Nope,you know where the radar is right?"
"Well it's just nearby so I don't think i'd get tired getting us there,alright?"
Inayos niya ang pag upo niya.Started Betsy again,pulled out of the parking lot and made a left heading for that place she ans I were to hide out.
We arrived at the place.It's inside a valley,the ones where it's kinda deep when looking at it afar.It's inhabited but at that time of night most of the locals where asleep.I knew the place since we own it and I had the key to the house.I stopped at the closed gate,got out rang the doorbell till the househelp came out sleepily.
"Ser,pasensya na..nakatulog ako eh..."
"Ok lang,sige buksan mo na at ako na ang bahala sa aming 2 nang kasama ko."
He opens the gate and I drive Betsy up to a small knoll stopping at a modern Bahay Kubo.Now,most of you know it's just made out of bamboo and straw thatching as a roof.Well what we did was outside it may look like that but really this house was different.We just corporated some of the features of the bahay kubo.You know,like air passes under the flooring,opened ceiling,etc.I stop the car got out and slipped in the key to 1 of the sliding door to unlock it.Went back to Lisa and told her to wait for me at the door.Took the takeout food and then joined her,luckily we did because the rain started to pour again.Inside it was still dark,I flip a light switch and the living room lit up.
"Thanks!Make yourself at home.Sit down while I fix our dinner."
"No,I want to help."
"You sure?Bisita kita you know.."
"And i'm imposing on you,you know?!"
In a way tama siya so pinayagan ko siya tumulong sa pag handa nang takeout dinner naming 2.
"So shall we begin?"
Ano nanaman ba ito?Gutom na nga ako.
"Thanks for getting me out of there.Kung hindi ko pa ikaw na contact kaninang umaga malamang andodoon pa rin ako sa inlaws nang Boss mo."
"Don't mention it Lisa.You and I we've known each other since high school.I just never thought we'd be doing something like this.You know he expected I would be there at his Bachelor's party.Yet,here I am.I conspired in his bride's sudden disappearance on her last night as a bachelorette."
"Galit ka?Sorry talaga,ha?"
"No,pero magagalit na ako pag hindi pa tayo kunain.Gutom na talaga ako."
"Ay oo nga...dig in!"
Kumain kaming 2.Gutom na gutom ako,siya paynti unti lang pasulyap sulyap sa akin.Ako rin din old crush I meet after so many years only to be seeing her be married to my younger boss.But then,who would imagine she would concoct an idea like this?
"Remember that time na itinakas mo ako?"
"O yeah,kalalaki mong tao.Ako ang kumuha sa iyo para lang maging kadate ko sa party ni Thirdy sa Pilar Village."
"Wha!ha!ha!ha!'Kala mo nag tatanan na mag boyfriend and girlfriend..."
"Wheeeeee!Your such a turd,you know that?"
"Aba things evolve.Like right now?"
"Yeah, up,lalamig na yang steak mo."
Kumain kami,we drank that wine and when we were finished we took the dishes to the sink and went back to the living room sat on the chairs,she on the sofa,me on the single seater.Raised ny feet up and drank a little more of the wine.Silence comes we both looking somewhere till we both gazed to each other.
"M...thank you..."
She gets up and kisses me on the lips.Passionately she does,me caught surprised when her tongue darts inside.Seryoso ito ah?Our arms engulf each other.Carresing,deep breaths as we kissed.Was it the wine or was it the longing we or. I had for her?I'll admit high school crush for 4 years and when I get to see her,she's getting hitched to my boss.
"M....ssslllluurrpp....why now?...uuummmpphh..."
Why ask me?All I know is what were doing might be wrong but were enjoying in doing it.
"Ewan ko...uuummm..ssslluuurrp..."
"For..oooohhh....sslluurrpp...for not telling ya I also wanted you....uuummmpphh..."
Of all that time she knew crush ko siya.Binasted na nga pero ok lang at least close pa rin.When I went ahead of her to stu... Read More

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