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"O ano sama ka sa amin?Gigimmick mamaya."Anyaya nang ka office mate ko."No thanks may iba akong commitment mamaya.Sorry pass muna ako."Yun ang idinahilan ko sa kaniya."Hanlabo mo naman pre,bukas ikakasal na ang boss nating binata,every male employee is invited to attend his bachelor's party tonight.Minsanan lang ito.Sige ka!" Boss ko 1 upcoming executive sa mundo nang business dito sa Makati."Can't noon pa ako committed sa engagement na ito,it's too important for me,really.Pakisabi na lang na family issue and I can't refuse.Maiintindihan naman niya iyon."
"Suit yourself,just don't be wondering kung maging iba na ang pakikisama ni boss sa iyo,alam mo naman iyon matampuhin." Yeah,I know you kiss assing dick.Sabi ko sa sarili ko.Paano spoiled rich kid,graduate sa US something like Wharton U.Fuck do I care?If you all only knew.
Come 4 pm punched out my time card went straight to my old reliable car.A 89 Corolla but I knew she was up to the job I was committed to do that friday night.Pushed the remote and unarmed the alarm sytem,opened the door slid and sat on the driver seat,slid the key and started the ignition.While waiting for her to warm up my CP rings up and I answer.
"Hello,oh hi!"
"Yeah i'm on my way na.Where are you?Ok give me an hour.No,I won't be changing clothes na,may baon na akong damit and the place is ready and waiting for just the 2 of us.See you in an hour." Click!
That's it,no turning back na.I'm in for this for all the marbles in the world.Betsy(89 corolla)I hope we both can make it there in an hour,i'm relying on ya girl.
Hataw na ako mula sa parking slot ko abot sa Pasay road,labas pasok kung saan makaka una sa kapwa driver na mga sasakyan na nasa kalsada noong biyernes nang hapon na iyon.Muntikan pa nga ako makabangga nang pedestrian at ibang sasakyan,pero Betsy was still reliable.Reached SLEX,now comes the challenge.Take Emilio Aguinaldo or that new shortcut road in Sta.Rosa?I chose the latter,in 20 minutes I was there exiting and now must traverse an upward climb.
Blip!Txt msg.
I pulled over after paying the toll fee(cute noong girl,ha?).
Starting na yung party,where are you?
Great!Minamadali na ako nitong kausap ko.Aaahhh...the things I do.Looked at the left and there was no incoming traffic pa.Put Betsy in gear and slip into a trafficless road to Tagaytay.Why am I doing this?You know she's committed already,pero when the heart is blind no matter what is there that blocks it's way it will find a way to reach the one it desires.
I was in Tagaytay on a asphalt road distant from a house that overlooked Taal lake and volcanoe.That moment the view was breath taking.The twilight of a day into night.I felt the chill of the air.Distantly rain clouds where brewing too.Good thing I had my race jacket with me so I won't be cold while waiting for her to txt or call.There I was waiting patiently as the weather got colder and rain drops fell down on the windshield of Betsy.
Blip!Txt msg nanaman...
Saan ka na?These bitches are enjoying the studs they hired for us to be entertained.Kunin mo na ako dito!
I txted her i'm just outside waiting for her to come out.The rain was now getting stronger.Shit!Delikado mag maneho sa ganitong kondisyon,pero bahala na.
I revved up Betsy.Txted her i'm gonna be at the gate of the house when I see her outside.Lalong umulan,pero kita ko pa rin ang gate.Bumukas!Yun alam ko siya na yun.Released the handbrake and slowly crept up to where she was standing with an umbrella.Dali dali binuksan ang pintuan sa harap sumakay at pinatakbo ko na si Betsy papalayo sa bahay na pinangalingan niya.
"May jacket ako sa likod reach for it."
Kaagad inabot niya.I get a wiff of her perfume.So womanly,it stirs me inside.She wears it on even though hindi katerno sa suot niyang formal clothes.Black skirted,a thin white long sleeved dress or blouse,all dressed to the nines of a night.Her ears with pearl earings partnered with a pearl necklace that accented the black and white clothes she wore.Hair made up,lips red as rose petals.Cheeks powdered,eyes well maked up.Yet she has the look of a woman in fear.
"Uh...Lisa sure ka ba sa ginagawa mo?"
"Oo,sorry at ikaw pa ang naistorbo ko."
"That's ok.So to our place?"
She seats in my right yet reaches for me as I drive.Lays her head on my shoulder.Once again I smell her perfume,the stirring inside is quiet strong now.Her free right arm reaches for my crotcH,she massages the surface of my pants.Try as I can to not react,my friend Pedro awakens.Shifting gears,stepping on the clutch and accelerator I concentrate from making an error as I drive nearby the deep ravines of that winding road.No incoming cars it was just us racing away.The rain let up and a drizzle with thick fog.I slow down to be careful but my companion Lisa now whispers to me.
"Thank you for doing this,I promise you it won't be regretful for you.Only for me..."
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