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Really sorrreeeee thekenQ but i guess this is really it is,.. as for the guys out there,... pls follow us on our series page lol,... enjoy reading guys,... hahaha 

1.) Girls like to be held, NOT fondled. ( Yeahhh, Absolutely true…)

2.) We like to cuddle and be loved NOT treated like crap. (To be honest, some guys treated us like crap -_-” Not all..i mean)

3.) When we say or neck or back or something else hurts you should offer to make it feel better (give us a massage). (Please be more initiative, don’t force us to drag you to do it, we feel guilty as well, hahaha)

4.) We like to be treated WITH respect. (If you respect us, we will definitely respect you as well, esp infront your friends.)

5.) We like it when you call when you say your going to call. ( I just love people who keep their promises…)

6.) Girls are more sensitive than guys so watch what you say and do. ( I am very sensitive, especially if my guy says something about me..)

7.) When you broke-up with us DON’T do it over the Internet or phone and explain why your breaking up with us and tell the truth don’t lie about it. ( Some guys are afraid to see us, girls, cry, and they do not have the heart to see us cry, however, I still prefer my guy to talk to me face to face rather than doing it over internet or phone, I’ll mark him as a “LOSER”.)

8.) If there’s something we’re doing wrong then tell us NOT your friends, we’re the ones that can change it your friends can’t. (Stop telling your friends where our mistake lies, that doesn’t make you a good boyfriend.)

9.) On a date you should pick us up NOT us pick you up. (This is common sense right???)

10.) When we go out to dinner DON’T pick the cheapest restaurant. ( We are not materialistic girls or what ok, but first impression is always the deepest, first date bring us to eat in cosy romantic restaurant.)

11.) We like it when you put your arm around us and rub our stomach. (Not all girls, I should say, I don’t really like it, I prefer him to rub my head hahaha)

12.) DON’T force us to do something otherwise you’ll NEVER get it. (Yeah, but sometime it depends as well…)

13.) DON’T ask us what’s wrong unless you want to know the honest to God answer. ( Sometime, it’s good to ask and shows that you care about us, but when we really do not wish to answer it, stop asking or else, you will regret knowing it…)

14.)  DON’T keep asking us what’s wrong when we’ve already told you nothing because obviously nothing is wrong or we just don’t want to talk about it. (This usually happens during our PMS, hahaha, we have mood swing…that’s all)

15.)  If you don’t want us pissed at you DON’T do something stupid that will piss us off. (No comment, it applies to everybody I guess hahaha)

16.) If you don’t want us to hate you forever don’t let us find out about your other girlfriend in simple terms DON’T EVER CHEAT ON US. (PLEASE NEVER CHEAT ON US, NOT ONLY WE WILL HATE YOU, WE WILL EVEN CURSE YOU -_-” hahaha)

17.) You don’t ALWAYS have to be right. ( Girls love guys who never get discourage easily, even you do something wrong, you still try to make improvement or make it right, we will respect you more…)

18.) Except us and love us for who we are NOT who you want us to be. ( All girls have this point of view, so please love us an accept us for who we are, don’t expect us to change, We hate it when you want us to change…)

19.) If we talk to another guy it’s NOT cheating. ( hahaha, it applies to guys talking to girls as well, except being touch with each other.)

20.)When we broke up DON’T lie to your friends and say WE BROKE UP WITH YOU WHEN YOU BROKE UP WITH US. (I absolutey agree with this, Please tell your friends the true answer, if you broke up with me, please tell them that You were the one and not Me….I HATE GUYS WHO SAID THAT THEIR GF DUMPS HIM, WHICH ACTUALLY THEY WERE THE ONE, AND MADE US FEEL SO BAD AFTER LISTENING ABOUT IT, F#*k)

21.)  When our best friend is a guy it doesn’t mean that we like them. ( When we regard a guy as our best friend, we really treat him as our best friend and not more than that….)

22.) When someone comes up to us and says crap DON’T just stand there, stick up for us. (If you just keep quiet, we will feel that you are only a loser!!!!)

23.) When we say call me it means as soon as possible NOT 2 or 3 days later. (Ermmmm Yach, I agree)

24.) When we ask what your thinking we just want to know if your thinking about us. ( TO be honest, I don’t really agree with this point, when I ask my guy what he was thinking, I really hope he can tell me whats actually on his mind…)

25.) Just because your friends don’t like us doesn’t mean you have to break up with us, you’re the one going out with us not them. ( It depends I have to say, if your friends don’t really like us, ask them to give a reason why???)

26.) DON’T judge us on looks because looks DON’T matter, it’s what we’re like on the inside NOT the outside. ( DOn’t judge book by its cover…)

27.) DON’T get mad over something stupid because you’ll be ruining it for yourself NOT us. ( Cool down and take a deep breath…that’s make you more like a Man..)

28.) Just because we talk to our ex boyfriends DOESN’T mean we like them. (A lot of us like to become friends with our ex’s not enemies) ( Not really, depends I guess, Some girls can accept their ex to be their friends, but for me and ellaine (hahaha), we do not believe that “FRIENDSHIP” still exist after broke up..)

29.) We don’t care if you talk to your ex girlfriends just DON’T do ANYTHING with them. (KEYWORD is ANYTHING) (Yeah, please…we are very sensitive over this matter…)

30.) When we say we don’t feel good we really mean we need you to hold us and kiss us and make us feel better. ( The power of love can heal everything..wakakakaka)

31.) Anything we say or do during that 4 days to a week each month CANNOT be held against us. ( I don’t really understand about this, can someone explain to me??? hahaha)

32.) We think about you ALL the time. (Even when we are sleeping, we still dream of you hahaha)

33.) If you’re developing such good finger skills playing video games you better put them to good use sometimes.

34.) We’re sensitive too…be gentle (and we’re not just talking about our hearts here guys). (Hahahaha.-_-”)

35.) When we say we’re tired put your arm around us and cuddle with us so we can put our head on your shoulder or lap. (Yeahhh, how I wish someone can do this to me now….hehehehe)

36.) Don’t EVER lie to us about ANYTHING, you know we’ll find out eventually. (And when we find out, you ll die hahaha)

37.) SAYING something sweet MIGHT get you off the hook, but DOING something sweet will always get you off the hook. (Action speaks louder than words)

38.) Hugs and kisses MUST be given at all times. (Hmmm….”Nodz, Nodz”)

39.) Don’t always expect us to call you, the phone works both way, you know the drill!!

40.) I love you is a big step, DON’T say it unless you really mean it. ( Yeahhh, don’t say it everyday, we’ll get tired of it as well, PLEASE SAY IT WHEN YOU REALLY MEAN IT….PLEASE….)

41.) Come and pick us up when we need you to, most of the time we just miss you a lot and want to see you! ( We are not trying to play a fool here, trust us…)

42.) DO NOT hit on or lead on numerous girls…Because it definitely sucks for you when we all find out…You just ruined your chances with all of us!! (BEWARE!!!!)

43.) We have PMS every month…Please just try to understand…We don’t feel good, we’re angry, and we’re emotional.. DON’T FIGHT WITH US…It’s just something you don’t want to do. ( So please be more understanding ok….)

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