Pwede Bang Hiramin Ang Katawan Mo?

September 4, 2015 (2 years ago)
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Nagising akong mabigat ang puson. Not because my bladder was full but because of an almost-real wet dream. I could still feel the overflowing lust from his touch. Ugh! Nabitin nga lang kasi bigla na akong nagising. At kung bakit ay hindi ko alam. Dahil siguro my subconscious mind was telling me it was almost 6am and I needed to get up and prep myself for another working day.

Pagkagising ko mukha nya agad ang pumasok sa isip ko at habang lasing pa ako sa libog ay kinuha ko agad ang aking celphone na nasa tabi lang ng unan ko and I texted him with just one word, "Wahhhhhhhhh".

Arghhhh! I broke my promise again. How many times had I made a pact with my horny self not to initiate a convo with him but everytime my libido is on overdrive all I could think of is his naked body on top of me, underneath me and all over me doing sweet orgasmic wonders to my sex-starved soul.

It's been weeks since I denied myself the pleasure of a self-induced orgasm and I think that's what triggered the wet dream. Ayoko na ng DIY. I seriously wanna get laid, once and for all. And this is where my dilemma comes in.

So eto ang mga katanungan ko (sa hindi naman mag-jowa):

Paano mo ba sasabihing "Gusto kitang maikama?". Paano mo ba iparating na seryoso ka sa gusto mong mangyari? How do you propose a one night stand without sounding cheap and desperate?

Hindi pa naman siguro ako ganun ka desperate but I have to admit I effing miss that mind-blowing... Read More

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