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March 27, 2015 (3 years ago)
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P0rn - Alin Kailan GaanoP0rn. Sobrang dami mo ng koleksyon ah? Kulang pa ba ang mga nababasa sa tabloid? Saan ka nakakahanap ng mga pinapanuod mo? Yan ba ang mga nagpapatigas sayo? Hindi naman totoo yan, diba?

To be honest, I've taken a tally of my daily tug-job (yan na muna ang itatawag ko sa aking personal business :D) I've ranked it 2-5 times a day. That's the case when I'm too lazy to turn-on my laptop, so I go around scouring the interwebs with erotic stories. But, in cases when I'm in my apartment (I'm always alone, I live in a 1 bedroom apartment thats actually built for a 3 person family) I go for the gold. And that means, It's a full course from tools, location, position, and clean-up.

For my p0rn addiction, I tend to be more on the interratial part: black on blondes. Which I suffice to say is not enough, so I dig deeper into my carnal urges, I go to petite women. But my meticulous mind doesnt stop there, I want to see a petite lady getting rammed-up by a long and fat black dudes c0ck. To summarize: black monster c0ck ramming a petite blonde. Ain't I fucked up? But sometimes, I like the homecourt so I tend to slide into: black monster c0ck ramming an asian chick - general idea since there are Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and also some Filipina's in the mix of the professional p0rn star crowd.

Finding ways to get my weekly dose of visual stimulation is no easy task. So, I turn to my trusted tool - the interwebs. Isang beses ko lang sasabihin ito, ang mga lugar na nakita at napuntahan ko sa internet ay di biro. Minsan naiisip ko, kaya pala sobrang taas ng aking urges ay alam kong mayroong iba din na gusto din ito. Kaya minsan, hirap akong maging normal pagka-umaga. Now, back to finding my materials. I mostly go deep into weird sites that offer streaming services, then I use my knowledge and some fine grained tools to extract the videos from the sites. Or if I want a more High Quality / High Definition copy (iba ang pakiradam na manunuod ka sa 32" na TV, seriously) I go find the files on forums or the most common places like peer-to-peer sites and the usual tor~ sites.

Balik naman tayo sa location at position, iba pa din ang pakiramdam ng hand-to-hand combat. LOL. Thats why, I try to relax in a laid back state, para di ako mangawit. Actually, I'm quite handy. LOL. That means, I can also use my left hand, parang jab lang yan, 1-2 punch just like a boxer. 

With all those done, I tend to my carnal urges like a hungry hyena. And when everything bit of that urge is let out, I have this very peaceful sleep where I sweat so much but feel a little shiver. 

Ngayon, isa lang maitatanong ko - Chronic Masterb8ter na ba ako o mas malala pa ako? I know myself, I'm a good guy. I dont force upon women my sexual urges, and if the need does arise, I always find a way to "let it go" with the help of Mariang Palad. I spat on rapists, those are people who don't consider others as human beings... Read More

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