Overcompensation in the Big, Bad World

March 14, 2016 (2 years ago)
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Last week, I was labelled as kontrabida when one of my friends slash ex-colleague sent a message in our group chat about one of our friends who’s presently mending a fucking broken heart. It was sent along the lines of “Kawawa naman sya, she can’t get over sa guy.” I rolled my eyes.

And there I was in my room, curled under the comfort of my blanket and clutching my phone, sent a reply saying “Meh. Fuck that. To be honest, I feel for her, but discounting the fact that she’s my friend and putting myself to be someone from the outside looking in, I just felt like it’s her karma.”

That comment surely raised most of their eyebrows but hell I care, I can’t tolerate the wet noodle image that she’s flashing to everyone. Along those lines, I made a remark that she’s overcompensating for her break-up. Picture this: The guy loved her when she was 80 kg, do you think he will come back into her arms just because she’s 20 kg lighter? I said no. They said I was mean, and they missed my sarcasm there.

And I was like bitching about overcompensation and made sure that my statements were clear when God forbid, the people on the other side of the phone screen does not even the know what the fucking overcompensation that I was talking about. One friend even commented na “ay akala ko overcompensation na nasobrahan sa bayad!” I rolled my eyes. Fuck yeah, nakakahawa ang kabobohan ng iba. Mag-ingat. Kayo ba, alam nyo ba ang overcompensation? <insert sarcasm here>

I am feeling more like a Devil’s advocate in listing the most common overcompensation cases and I kid you not, I am laughing my ass off knowing that I, myself does overcompensate a lot. Even normal and the most narcissistic people demonstrate such but looking at it on the other perspective, overcompensation does ticks us to assess ourselves and have a reality check trance.

  1. Men with small dick a.k.a Mario (refer to Starst’s Toro series on this to relate). Don’t be all macho about your member and then end up telling your partner “Malaki naman talaga yan, medyo nahihiya lang sya ngayon.” Pero here’s a 10,000 peso, magshopping ka na lang ng sex toys later. (Disclaimer: This happened in real life)
  2. I have an ex-colleague who had the perfect body a girl could die for but she is bingot. She overcompensate that by dressing up really sexy that men would look at her body instead of her cleft lip. Works all the time.
  3. You’re not a pro writer, clearly a newbie or some sort of amateur. You want to get noticed or raise the popularity bar, you post something that’s not yours and when people react about it, you will have this famous line “Oh I forgot to include the credits to the owner.” “Oh, most erotic stories have the same story line, nagkakaiba lang ng plot.” “Oh, bigay lang yan sa akin ng Tita ko. She thought na bagay sa akin ang blog na ‘yan, but I am not sure saan nya nakuha.” And the list of excuses goes on. Fuck  that shit very much.
  4. You’re fat. Yes, fat. Let’s not sugarcoat this reality by saying you’re chubby. No you’re not. You are in fact, really fat. And you overcompensate by dressing up overly flashy and putting on too much make up. Lipstick won’t make you look thinner. Exercise does. Trust me, chubby and borderline fat women in jeans and shirt are more adorable.
  5. I got small boobs, but I have an awesome ass. I will not flash my not-so-adorable mount of oversized chocolate kisses for people to say “Ano ba ‘yang pantal mo, itago mo nga ‘yan!” I will of course flaunt my to-die-for ass!
  6. You’re a plain jane and you know that. Don’t be a smart-ass in saying “I have a lot of thoughts going on inside my head but I can’t gather them into a sensible one.” Dude. If you have lots of thoughts swimming inside your head, spill it. If you can’t string them into a sensible sentence, STFU instead. Don’t tell me you got a million in your pocket when you can’t even lend me a peso. That makes you plain stupid. 

People will puke over this blog post as it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. I am not loved because I don't kiss ass, I am hated because I am frank and straightforward. Either way, truth hurts, so suck it up. I am entitled to my own twisted, fucked up, in-your-face opinion. And so are you. Let us not live a life full of lies.

And oh, feel free to give your own examples of overcompensation while I sip my cup of tea... Read More

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