Outside and in the rain

August 29, 2013 (4 years ago)
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I just love writing. This one is also a story I wrote long time ago sa PL and im moving here.  This is also a true story that happened in December 2005.  I had a gf that time.  Her name is Angelica.  She was 26 years old at the time.  She is a chubby chinita and was working at a bank at the time.  She has big boobs and nice round butt.

It was a Saturday and she was in the bank practicing for their Christmas presentation.  They ended their practice at around 9pm.  We had late dinner at a fastfood chain and decided to go to a mountain resort after.  We arrived there at around 11pm.  The place is usually crowded since it was a weekend but there were only a few people there because the weather was not that good.  There was a little drizzle and the temperature there was so cold.  The city view was also not visible since there was a thick fog covering the view (usually, its a nice place to hang out where you can see the whole city lights and fresh air).  We still decided to hang around and just feel the comfort and warmth of each other.  As time passed, I realize that aside from us, there was a couple just a few huts from us.  I couldn't see their faces but only their silhouette.

A few minutes later, the rain poured hard and we were trapped in the small hut.  So we just stayed there and let the rain pass, although we were already drenched and wet.  We noticed the other couple making out.  The place was dimly lit and there were no lights around the huts but only on the light posts about a few meters away.  I asked Angelica if she wanted to leave the place because I could feel her body beginning to chill.  She just told me to hug her tight and let my body heat give warmth to her.  I placed my hands under her shirt.  I myself was beginning to chill as the rain continued harder and the winds stronger.  Suddenly, Angelica began to notice the other couple, and it was now clear to us what they were doing.  The girl was on a kneeling position just in front of the guy.  We were positioned at the last corner of the viewing area so we believe that they thought they were alone.  Besides, any noise we would make won't matter because of the rain.  I felt horny and Anj began to feel my hard on (she was seated in front of me as i hug her from behind).

I began to run my hands upwards to her breasts.  Pulling her bra up and letting my hands grope her boobs.  I could feel her nips harden maybe due to the rain and the cold wind.  I kissed her neck and licked her ears making her moan.  I ran my hands down to her pants, unbuttoned it and slid my hands inside her panties.  She was wet already.  I finger fucked her while kissing her neck and my other hand playing with her breasts.  She reached out back to feel my hard on, and rub it.  I was wearing  a sports shorts so she can easily put her hands inside and let my hard cock sprang out.  She gently started to stroke it while I continue my deed, finger fucking her and kissing her from behind.   I couldn't help it but to peek at the other couple and they were on it already.  The girl was already sitting on the guy and she was moving up and down.  I signalled Anj to let her look at the couple.  She watched and it made her more turned on.  She would guide my hands inside her and her moans became louder (maybe to attract attention of the other couple).  I was having difficulty because she was wearing jeans.  My hands began to feel numb as it was pressed between her waist and jeans.

So I decided to change position.  We stand up and moved to the side letting the rain fell in our backs.  I pulled her jeans down and spread her leg and entered her from behind.  We were both facing the other couple and it was an ultimate turn on.  I fucked her from behind watching another couple fucking just a few meters away from us.  Angela was so into it that her moans were getting louder as I pumped faster, so I placed my fingers in her mouth and let her bite it.  I let out a huge load inside her as she too was cumming (she told me after that it was the best orgasm she had and our first time that we cummed together).

She pulled her jeans up and faced me and kissed me.  The rain water was also used to clean up my cock from her juice and excess semen.  We also noticed that the other couple had also finished their deeds.  We ran back to the car and passed the other couple which were kinda surprised (but I bet they knew we were there).  We were soaking wet inside the car.  Angela took of her jeans and bra inside the car leaving her wearing just her blouse and panties.  It was a turn-on watching her wet, her hard nipples visible through her blouse and her wet panties showing her pubic hairs and a little part of her pussy lips.  I wanted to gave her a second round inside the car but we were both already chilling so I decided to drive and bring her home.

When we arrived at her house, we had to pass at the backdoor so as not to attract attention to her parents.  There was a toilet at the backdoor and a small tub where laundry is being done.  She went inside while I stayed at the toilet to wash myself.  She went back to bring me a towel, a shirt and shorts (all hers).  She didn't change yet so we bathe together at the back toilet.  The rain was still pouring hard that we cannot hear ourselves but the sound of the roof being pounded with rainfall.  The toilet was very small about 2.5x2.5 meters so it was so hard to move with both of us inside.  So we just hug and soaped each other for which gave me another hard-on.  We had sex again this time inside the toilet on a very difficult position.  We fucked in a standing position with one of her leg elevated resting on the toilet seat.  It was difficult but was worth it.  My whole strength was given that each pump would make her moan as it was hard that her boobs would vibrate.  She would rest her head at the walls while I pumped harder watching both her boobs juggle.  I exploded inside her for the second time knowing so well that she was on pills.

After that, she went out and left me there to finish bathing.  I could feel my legs shaking as I stood still.  My energy has gone out making my knees weak.  I couldn't stand straight.  I finished bathing and changed clothes (wearing her shirt and shorts) and waited at the car.  She then just called... Read More

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