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July 27, 2014 (3 years ago)
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It seemed so long ago then
when a glance, a smile started it all
you said hello, i said hi
It was so all plain and simple.

We sat down and talked of things we knew
People and places we've been to
We laughed and laughed of stories we recalled
We turned friends, real close, i remember.

It was then I knew you were special
Maybe it is your smile..your touch
From then on, I knew we will be more than friends
And that you will have an important part in my life.

Days turned to months and we were so full of everything-
So much love, joy and spontaneity
Oblivious to the crazy world outside
We held each other tight and swore to never let go.

It is a sad fact we must face reality
You have your life to live and I cant be part of it
I wanted to but my mind tells me no
You wouldnt let me, so be it.

Should I stay or should I let you go?
My heart confuses me so
Struggling with feelings of indecision
To be with you, even for a moment, tears me apart.

Finally..i decided to let you go
I tried to act as it were nothing at all
But oh, the pain and the guilt i feel
The hurt that I know will never go away.

To this day, I will always remember
The moments and times with you... Read More

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