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September 9, 2013 (4 years ago)
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This happened in the late 90's.  I have this kababata na neighbor namin.  Si Art was one of my bestfriend and he has a sister who is 4 yrs younger than us.  We would tease her alot and she was also like a sister to me.  Tata was her nickname.  God has different plans for Art as he passed away at an early age from a very rare disease (I forgot the name).  Rest in Peace bro.

Tata and her family moved away from our neighborhood to Manila where her dad was based.  Every Nov1, I would visit Art's burial ground since it was near where my relatives are buried.  Everytime I visit his grave, only my flowers and candles were being placed there.  About 5yrs later, I found flowers and candles on his grave.  I had no idea who placed it but I just thought finally someone remembered my friend.  I stayed for a while when someone approached me and called me kuya.  It was Tata, the same little girl we used to tease alot.  She looked she didn't grew much since she was petite, about 4'10".  Only her boobs and her butt seemed different from her.  We chatted for some time and I learned that she's working in Manila and she visited Cebu to visit his brothers grave.  She hugged me tight and we talked more.  I invited her to dinner with my relatives.  Most of my relatives know her at kinumusta sya.

After dinner, I offered to bring her back to the pension house she was staying.  It was a small room with 2 single beds, a ref, TV, and its own toilet.  Tata wanted to spend more time talking, and asked to go with her to buy some drinks.  We bought 8 cans of red horse, and brought it back to the room.  She was wearing jeans and blouse, so went to the toilet to change to feel more comfortable.  She went out from the toilet wearing shorts and sando.  We continued to talk and drink.  We talked about our lovelife and plans.  I told her I had a gf then and she was in her province for the holidays.  She also told me that she has a bf and told me he wanted to go with her in cebu but decided in the last minute to stay with his ailing mother.  So we were all alone in the room chatting and remembering the good times we had with his brother.

We finished our 3rd can of red horse each that everything started to become hot.  She was becoming loud and loosing control of her movements.  Everytime she drinks her red horse, it would spill in her shirt and shorts.  Our conversation eventually reached the most interesting topic, SEX.  Naiilang ako because I used to see her as my sister, but what the hell, she's an adult now and pwede na.  Although she was not that pretty, she had a nice body for a small lady.  Her boobs were well rounded and her hips and butt are so matambok.  Not knowing to make the first move (out of respect for her and her brother) I waited for the right time and opportunity.  It came when she told me that she once had a dream that we met and it was like de javu all over again.  I asked her what happened next in her dream, she giggled and smiled and then told me that I kissed her in her dream.  I move closer and told her (moving my head closer to hers) like this? kissing her in the lips.  Her answer was not in the form of word but kissing back.  We had a long and torrid kissing scene.  I then realized that my hands were all over her and that I already removed the hook of her bra.  She moved her small hands under my maong shorts and played with my dick (which was not that hard yet).  She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled my shorts and brief down while I took off her bra and blouse.  We were still kissing doing all those things.  I then pushed her in the bed and took off my shirt and totally removed all my clothing.  Laying in bed, she covered her boobs (which looked even bigger).  I pulled her shorts out, leaving her with just her panty as her only clothing left.  With my eyes feasting on her body, my dick was starting to stiffen hard.  She moved up and gave me a blowjob.  It was a sensational feeling watching her putting my dick in her small mouth and her small hands in my hard dick.  It made your cock looked even more bigger.

I pushed her back to bed to return the favor and eat her already wet pussy.  Her panty now shows little wet stains just by staring at it revealing her pussy lips.  I took of her panties and went straight to her pussy licking it.  As what I usually do, I inserted my fingers while eating her to feel her wetness and spread her juice in her pussy lips.  She was moaning hard and breathing deeply.  She told me to "fuck me now".  With her lying in bed, I pulled her up and let her be on top of me.  I just laid in bed and watch her sit at my dick, letting it slide inside her.  The bed was not well balances and was having a creaky noise that we changed position.  I had her bend over atop the bed and me standing up entering her from behind doogie style (my favorite postion).  The Creaky sound was still there everytime I pump my dick deep inside her.  So i pulled her up, and carry her, entering her pussy as she hugged me tight and her legs wrapped around my waist.  At first she was the one pumping thrusting her legs in my body.  I was also having a difficult time doing the pumping so i just grabbed her tight and tried to jog making her feel light and let my legs do the pumping.  She was moaning hard as that position ensures that my card cock was inside her more deeper.  My jog went to running in place.  I was watching myself in the mirror and the pumping became more faster and deeper everytime I move my legs to run.  I could feel her orgasm as her juice drip in my legs.  The alcohol helped in prolonging my ejaculation as my feet started to feel pain.  Almost nearing climax, I pulled it out (it was unprotected in the first place) and placed her down and masturbated in her face.  A big load of cum shot to her face and she finished it off with a blowjob and swallowed what was left of my semen.

She asked me to stay for the night which I did.  We places the 2 single bed together and cuddled in bed still naked.  She went to the toilet first to wash and back to bed lay beside me.  We slept together.  I woke up around 6am, and went to the toilet.  I was afraid what would her reaction be.  It entered in my mind that alcohol made what just happened possible.  I was about to put on my clothes when she woke up and pulled me back to bed.  She just wanted someone to hug her.  Hugging her naked body made my cock angry.  She felt it, and masturbated it.  I moved my hands in her pussy and played with it, and lick her nape and ears.  My other hand was massaging and playing with her boobs.  Feeling her wetness and my cock hard, I entered her again from behin... Read More

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