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June 5, 2014 (3 years ago)
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ORAL SATISFACTIONI started watching porn and masturbate at the young age of 12, I’m young, loves to explore myself, my body and other things, hot blooded, watches different kinds of porn.

    There was a scene that really got me so turned on, whenever I see a girl sucking a guy’s dick that really keeps me going then eventually reach my orgasm. I don't know why but it really feels good watching them as I play along with my clit and imagining myself doing that to a guy. It became a fantasy for 3 long years, 3 years of fantasizing that particular scene and have a strong desire to do it for real

    I lost my virginity at the age of 15 and my boyfriend that time is 26 that’s the time where I fulfill my biggest fantasy I feel so excited that time. He had a long shaft and a little thick so I really tried to do it in the right way and do it as I see it in those porn clips I’ve been watching for years. Surprisingly, he said I’ve done it right and ask me “Is this really your first time?” I said “Yes this is my first time to do it”. As years go by, lots of fucking and blowjob has been done, that fantasy became my fetish, I’m not satisfied when I didn’t get a chance to suck a cock and I’m obsessed with the fact that I want to be good at it, I mean the best in doing that oral play. I love the feeling of cock inside my mouth, flesh to flesh, warm cock against the wall of my mouth, teasing a cock with my tongue and kiss it with my lips. There was one time, my ex-boyfriend won’t allow me to suck his cock because he is too sensitive when it comes to sucking, he came so fast whenever a girl suck his cock so I do handjob instead of blowjob and he can only came once because he gets so tired after his orgasm and that really pissed me off but I respect that.

     My obsession leads me to BDSM (Bondage & Discipline / Domination & Submission / Sadism & Masochism) I’m a novice when it comes to this lifestyle. I got my knowledge through reading and talking to people who is involved with the lifestyle. Pain and pleasure is a perfect combination for me, BDSM is included to my list of fantasy, it’s like the summary of what I want to explore when it comes to sex and I think for me it is the best way how to explore my sexuality. In BDSM, I learned that the mouth is one of the tool in this lifestyle and I want to experience how does it feel when my mouth is being fucked like a pussy or as simple as my mouth is being rammed by a cock until he came inside my mouth. I also love the feeling of being gagged, lots of saliva coming out of my mouth; my make-up is smudged because of the tears coming out of my eyes and being choked by a cock. Thinking of those makes my panties really wet I want to experience my mouth being use and abused by my Master and serve him with my mouth. Well not necessarily a Master but with someone that is knowledgeable enough how to fuck a girls throat it’s not as simple as just shoving your coc... Read More

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