Only the brave will succeed

July 2, 2014 (3 years ago)
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-Set a priority.
-Focus to your goal.
-Motivate yourself.
-Dream big.
-Always think positive.
-Accept your mistakes.
-Respect others.
-Love yourself more than anyone else.
-Eliminate negative vibes.
-Trust God almighty.
-Give importance to your work.
-Always remember professionalizm.
-Less talk less mistakes.
-Patience is a virtue.
-Open minded.
-Crying is a sign of... Read More

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I dreamt of being a published writer of inspirational and motivational stories, cause I want to inspire those who have physical disabilities and less fortunate people whom are downhearted. I want to bring hope into their hearts and I want them to see a beautiful world that's full of dreams.

I also want to share my thoughts about unconditional love, life's regrets and marital failures through Erotic stories. I may not change your world, but I wish, with my simple works, i've touched your hearts.
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