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A/N: For Starst1949. As promised.

"Ngayon lang ako nasabik ng ganito sa ibang babae beh!"

Pahingal niyang bulong sa kin habang nasa ibabaw ko, kumakanyod, nagmamadali, sabik na sabik. Naririnig ko ang sarili kong ungol sa sarap na nararanasan ko.

Yes, he's right. Just like him, it has been so long since I've felt this strong physical need, so strong its almost painful.

Urging him on, I wrapped my legs in his hips, pulling him deeper inside me. Niyakap ko siya sa likod habang tinutukso ng dila ang kanyang tenga.

"Sige lang beh, ohhh! Wag mong itigil, ang sarap beh shit, shit!"

It blew my mind away when I felt him pounding, grinding his hardness inside me. I wasn't able to control the curses that came out of my lips.

"Shit beh please, please!"

I was begging not knowing what it was I was begging him for.

"Ummp! Uumm! Ang sarap mo! Ang sarap ng puke mo! Ang sarap mong kantutin!"

He was saying while kept pumping so hard and fast I can't help thinking amidst it all if the bed was sturdy enough to withstand our weight and pressure.

Hindi naman ako prude. Open ako sa pagbabasa ng mga kuwentong erotika. Makabasa ng mga salitang sabi nga sa kanto ay mga salitang pampalibog.

But I never thought those words would be said to me, that they would be subjected to me. Akala ko mao-offend ako pag sinabi sa kin ang ganung mga salita. But in a nice, shocking realization, the words just fanned my already scorching desire.

Good god I need this man!

"Sige pahh behhh ooohhh!"

I heard myself say.

"Fuck me harder beh please! Please!"

"Yes beh yes!"

Sabay ng salitang yun, he pushed harder and it brought me to eternity and beyond.

"Ayan na ko beh, ayan na kooo!"

Nakayakap ako sa kanya, dinidilaan ko pa rin ang tenga niya, ang leeg. I placed my palm on his chest and played with his nipple while gyrating with him, arching my hips to welcome him even more as he cum.

"Behh!!! Ang sarap mo!!!"

And with those words he squirted his last drop of cum inside me.

Pareho kaming humihingal sa sarap at pagod. He didn't push his body away from me after the heat. Instead he laid on his back while he was holding me close thus pulling me on top.

Nakahiga na siya, ako naman ang nasa ibabaw. Nasa loob ko pa rin. I was looking down at him. He was brushing my hair with his fingers away from my face. And that sweet and absent-minded gesture brought warmth inside me. Ngumiti ako sa kanya. He smiled back.

"So, are you gonna tell me your real name now beh?"

He asked.


I replied.

"Andito na nga tayo, nakuha mo na nga ang puri ko, sinimsim ang bango ko, wag na sabihin pati katas ko, pero pinagdadamot mo pa rin ang pangalan mo? Tangnathere!"

I gave a short bark of laughter. In a short time that I knew him virtually, he's never failed to make me laugh when and if he wants to, effortlesly.

"I'm sorry. But I realized you're someone I can easily fall in love with. And we both know it shouldn't happen. Mabuti na hindi natin alam ang totoong pagkatao natin outside our virtual world."

He looked me in the eye.

"Yeah. But I'll find out who you are."

Natawa ako ulit. I decided to just joke about it.

"One time big time nga ah. But I know you could. And would. IT expert ka eh. Hacker. "

He just smiled and kissed me hard on the lips while feeling him growing hard inside again.

After those borrowed hours, we were back in his car. As he drive, I was studying his profile. The man is an enigma. A contrast. He's funny. He's serious. He's intelligent. But can play dumb if he wants and if you wish.

And I was lying to him while we were back in that room.

I said I don't want to fall in love. That I won't. I shouldn't.

But I already have. Fallen. Fast.

I asked him to drop me off somewhere in Edsa. He asked if I want him to drop me off at least near my place. I thanked him but declined.

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