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September 24, 2016 (1 year ago)
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Cassie could not believe what she's seeing, or rather, who she's seeing. She felt her strength left her. If not for the wall behind her, she would've crumpled to the ground. Oh, hell, she wished the floor would crack open and swallow her.

     "Lord in heaven! You've got to be kidding me!" she screamed in her head.

     She needed to get out of here. Pronto. Not that she can walk out of a meeting. But she could sure use a bit of alone time to compose herself. She looked for the nearest exit. She inwardly groaned with dismay when she realized that the only way out of the room was also the only way in. And the bastard was standing right next to it. Jumping out of the window was, of course, not an option since they were on the 24th floor. There's abso-fuckin-lutely no way she'll splatter her brains on the sidewalk because of him.

     "Well, Cassie, brace yourself and suck it up," she told herself.

     "Cass?" her close friend and colleague, Melanie, whispered.

     "Yeah?" "Are you all right? You're muttering."

     She mustered a smile. "I'm fine. Just thinking out loud."

     "Apparently, not loud enough for everyone to hear what that pretty brain of yours was thinking of."

     Cassie stiffened at the sound of that voice. She turned her attention to him, made certain that he could see her big, fake smile.

     "That was the goal."

     He had the nerve to laugh. She gritted her teeth and balled her fists so tight; her nails dug grooves into her palms.

     "You're looking good, Cassie." His eyes travelled up and down her body. It took a lot of self-control not to scratch his pretty face.

     "Oh! You know each other!" Melanie enthusiastically exclaimed.

     "Once upon a time," she murmured.

     "I see you still like your fairy tales," he said, his eyes teasing.

     "Yeah, well, I’m pretty good when it comes to dealing with wicked witches and frog princes."

     She felt a dab of satisfaction when she saw him flinched. Good.

     "If you'll excuse me, my boss is calling for me."

     She turned away from him and hoped he that he failed to notice her tremble from that exchange. Bastard! How dare he make her feel this way?


     For the nth time, Ryan gritted his teeth as he watched Cassie talked to her boss. He tightly gripped his pen when he saw Marc leaned towards her and whispered something to her that made her smile. He used to be able to do that. Now, the only thing that he could manage to do is antagonize her.

     Too close. You’re too close to her, asshole, he silently cursed at Marc.

     Of all the companies to have a business deal with, it had to be the one where Cassie worked. And of all the assholes that she had to work for, it had to be Marc who was his rival in every little thing since they were in diapers. It had to be the guy who does not understand healthy competition and who made it a habit to steal everything from him, from his toys to his girlfriends.

     Right now, the bastard in question will no doubt become a recipient of his pounding fists if he will not put some distance between himself and Cassie. Boss or no boss.

     It took a lot of self-control not to act like a Neanderthal and haul Marc’s ass off his chair and out of the window.

     And you’re not being reasonable; a part of his brain reprimanded him.

     Cassie won’t take you back if you started acting like a lunatic. Despite the maddening jealousy, he had to acknowledge that fact that he had to win her first before he can stake his claim on her.

     He couldn’t take his eyes off her. The way the sun’s light played with her hair and accentuated her peaches and cream complexion. He remembered how soft she felt. He felt himself grew hard at the thought of loving her, her skin gliding against his, her eyes never leaving his, her voice telling him she loves him as he took her to great heights.

     He felt like somebody punched him hard on the gut when he saw her as he walked into the conference room. All he wanted to do was to wrap his arms around her and never let her go.

     And that would have earned him a kick in the groin. Cassie would relish doing it. God, he knew how she hated him. Thanks to the mafia in his life that was his family, he lost Cassie. And now, the family business brought them together again. He was sure that his mother would throw a fit. Not that he’d care. He’s through caring.

     “Ryan?” Marion’s voice brought him out of his reverie.

     “What do you think?” His cousin and boss looked at him sharply. He played with his pen. He really didn’t know what to say since he didn’t really listen, his attention held by her.

     “There are some clauses in the contract that I want to look into further,” he said instead.

     “Oh, come on, man,” Marc said in his whiny voice. He bit back a smile as he saw Cassie winced at the way her boss was acting.

     “You have to understand. We’re bound to lose a lot if we’re not careful with these things,” he reasoned.

     “Of course, I understand.” The impatient gleam in Marc’s eyes said otherwise.

     “If you want, you can have your lawyer meet up with mine. That way, you’re sure that your company’s best interests will be ensured before we finally sign the contracts,” Marion interjected.

     He did his best to hide his grin. He could kiss his cousin. She just gave him a damn good excuse. His eyes strayed to Cassie. Her face was impassive. But he knew her. One look in her eyes and he knew that she wasn’t happy with the idea.

     You’ll just have to get use to being around me, sweetheart, he thought.

     “All right,” Marc acquiesced. He turned to Cassie. 

     “You okay with it, Cass?”

     “It’s my job.” She smiled at Marc.

      Ryan felt an overwhelming jealousy ripped him from the inside. Marion pinched him on the arm.

     “Behave,” she whispered. She turned towards everybody and after a few pleasantries, ended the meeting.

   “Cass,” he called out to her and handed him his card.  

   “I’m going to need yours, too.” Without a word, she took his card and handed him hers.

   “It would be a pleasure working with you, Cassie.”    

   She raised her brow. “It’s Atty. de Veyra.”

   “It would be a pleasure working with you, Atty. de Veyra.” He can't help but grin. 

   She pursed her lips and glared at him as she walked out.

   “You looked like a fool grinning like that.” He turned towards hi... Read More

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