One Journey at a Time Book IV: Loan Sexcurity, Debt Pussyment Act I

March 12, 2016 (2 years ago)
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During my time in one of the most known BPO centers in the Philippines, I was blessed enough to get acquainted with women. In part, due to my position. In part, because of my aptitude on the technical know-how of the account we're assigned to. In part, due to my natural ability to listen. But mostly, because of my oozing charisma.

One of them was Mhaydee. Her real name is Mayda but since we're in the BPO environment, everyone was free to choose whichever name you want yourself to be called. She's one of the few ladies who's fair-skinned (white as Snow White), because personally I get attracted more to the "Morena" type, whom I got to be intimate with. Mhaydee was a petite lady, no higher than 5'1" (I guess) but had the curves in all the right places. Bust is small but considering her height and body frame, still proportionate. Long hair with bangs that framed her heart-shape face. Her pearly white teeth still noticeable despite her braces. Overall, she's gorgeous.

When we're still together in the same center, we're actually accompanied by my main interest; her best friend, Caroline. Probably the reason we got along well was our mutual interests. We all read novels, play DOTA & Tekken and eat a lot. I got to spend more time with Mhaydee though, due to the fact that we're almost neighbors as well. We rented units in the same city and barangay, probably apart by just two or three blocks. If possible (almost same schedules), we went home together.

Then, two months after I got acquainted with Mhaydee, I was surprised to learn she resigned. It took some weeks before I got news of her. She herself told me about it through text message and via a phone call. She asked if I have free time to meet her. Lucky I had that time and so we met. On our first meeting after months of not seeing each other, she dropped huge revelations about herself. Most intriguing was when she admitted that she was a lesbian (I finally then understand why despite her beauty, she had no boyfriend during her time on the center I worked for). Her girlfriend broke up with her and she was devastated. She cried that time and I, as a man, obliged to be her "crying shoulder" so as to comfort her and ease what heartaches she was experiencing then.

After that incident, we regularly met, mostly just to walk bayside or have late dinner together. Then, she underwent some financial crisis and she asked for help. Altogether, I loaned her money twice because she asked nicely. She promised time frames to pay off her debt but failed thrice. During those times, her availability became sporadic. Even though I was the one who would ask her out for dinner, she always had a reason or another why she couldn't come.

Then, out of the blue after two weeks I haven't seen her, we met on the street. She, on her way home; I, on my way to the local supermarket. It was unexpected specially for her and she was the first one to speak. She apologized and promised she would pay. Another week passed and no word from her. One day while having brunch (I came home late from work) at the local eatery, we met again. I asked her to join me which she did and we talked for a while. When it was time to go separate ways, she held me back and asked if I have any appointments later that day. Coincidentally, it was my off and I told her I had free time for the next 48 hours. She beamed with joy and invited me to dinner on that same day.

So we went to dinner that evening and spent another night, walking together at the bayside. I noticed the night had deepened and I elected to call it a day. I was surprised she went the same way as me when we got off the jeep and my surprise doubled when she still walked with me all the way back to my place! She said she still couldn't sleep and if I wouldn't mind, she asked if she could still take some of my time. I remembered we're both light drinkers and to acquiesce her request, I said yes and if it's okay with her we could drink one bottle each of Tanduay Ice. She nodded and in we went my unit.

The place I rented back then was a single-storey house with its living room and dining room/kitchen combined and separated from the sleeping quarters by the huge cabinet/wardrobe/locker/dresser. Coming from the front door, it was on the left side which made the sleeping quarters on the left wing of the house.

I told her to lock the door and wait for me because I would get the drinks from my cabinet. I was unlocking my cabinet when I noticed Mhaydee already beside me through my peripheral vision. I was about to ask her why she was there when she cut me off mid-sentence with a kiss! She got me trapped with that kiss as she gently but urgently pushed me at the same time towards the bed. When the back of my knees hit the side of the bed, she pushed me a little harder so I ended up lying down on bed, facing her. Meanwhile, she was undressing and when only her underwear were left, she crawled on top of me and started kissing me again. Her lips tasted sweet like a ripe mango and her breath, warm and moist. She knew how to kiss. We're having a tongue duel by that time and her hands slowly started working on my cloths. She unbuttoned my shirt, all the while kissing me. When her hands started unbuckling my belt, I took that opportunity to grab her and roll our positions. I was now on top and I asked her why she was doing this.

"I owe you money, big time. I couldn't pay it any time soon. I figured you need some assurance, insurance--whatever. Consider this as interest." She replied without blinking her eyes.

I was expecting a different answer but damn! Whatever her reasons and motivations were, I wouldn't tire myself figuring it out. Plus, the way she explained it made sense to me somehow. Specially the "interest" part. To avoid any complications, I asked her: "Are you sure about this? I am not forcing you into this, understand?"

As her answer she grabbed me towards her and kissed me again. She then continued where I cut her off. To make it easier for her, I took off my pants myself. Then, displaying strength unimagined, she reversed our positions. She was now on top of me once again and she pulled off my brief. Without another word, she positioned herself so that her mound (still covered by her panty) was aligned with my semi-erect cock and she unclasped the hook of her bra (it was a front clasp bra). She then started rubbing herself with my cock as she rode slowly on top of me. Her hands crawled towards her own breasts and took hold of it. She was playing herself with the help of my cock. Fascinated by her aggressiveness, I let her be and watched her as she moaned when her fingers found her small but firm, pinkish nipples. After a few minutes, I grabbed her butt cheeks and fondled it as she continued her slow ride. Then, I pulled her down to me and suckled her upright nipples alternately.

When her small breasts already turned red due to what my mouth had been doing, I grabbed her and changed our position. She was now lying on her back, then I took her right leg and placed it on the window (the bed is positioned beside the window) after pulling off her panty. She was now completely naked except for her bra which was unclasped. I positioned myself between her legs and dove to the center of her mound. At first strike, I immediately nibbled her clit between my teeth!

"OHH! . . . It hurts but it feels good, ahh. . ." Her right leg almost fell down from being anchored on the window as her body arched with my attack.

She then again grabbed her own breasts and twiddled her nipples with her hands (I realized she must have been doing this regularly) as I continued eating her cunt. I have my fair share of pearls and Mhaydee's tasted differently. Her glistening pearl is a salty sweet treat. With my hardened tongue acting like my cock, I begun penetrating her while with my right hand, I started fingering her. For a self-proclaimed lesbian, Mhaydee moaned and sighed like a princess. I realized a girl is a girl, no matter what or who she claimed to be. I inserted two fingers as my tongue went back to her clit. Minutes of this action and she got her first orgasm.

"OHH. . . Don't stop. AHH. . . It feels so good. . ."

Without giving her time to recover, I manhandled her to the center of the bed and spread her legs wider to give myself room as I prepared to penetrate. Using my left hand, I teasingly brushed my cock to her cunt as I anchored her left leg with my right arm. Six, seven. . . Ten more brushes and I inserted my cock to her wet cunt. Wet as it was, I found some diffficulty penetrating her as she really was tight. It felt like I was christening a virgin. It became an added incentive for me to continue. I watched her pretty face as she winced every time I went deeper inside her.

"Please, AHH! Make it gentle, ohh. . . AHH! It hurts!" She pleaded as I slowly embedded myself to her. Halfway, I stopped letting her body and more importantly, her vaginal canal to adjust.

"Relax. This is just for now. Later on, you'll be right as rain." I assured her to soothe the pain she felt.

When I felt her cunt tighten, I knew it was time to complete the penetration. With one slow, steady stroke, I managed to plunged my cock down to the hilt.

"Ohh. . . AHHH!" She gasped as she felt the full length of my cock inside her.

Without further ado, I started my rhythm with a steady in and out. It wasn't slow. Neither fast. I just wanted her to feel that she was now a full-time woman, my woman, as she moaned feeling my hardness all the way inside her. I let her experience what most women do in this steamy situation for about ten minutes then I started the real action.

I manhandled her, crawling from the center of the bed to the edges, all this while still embedded to her. She just moaned and sighed as she watched helplessly how I worked our way. When we reached the corner of the bed on its lower right side, I squeezed her left breast and pinched the nipple on it. That got her attention. "Watch it. I'm not your whore!" I simply smiled and asked her to turn around. She complied, then holding her by her tiny waist, I pulled her towards me. I was already standing out of bed on the same exact corner where I pulled her. All these motions caused the removal of my cock from her pussy but that made it sweeter for me. Judging everything set, I once again clamped both hands to her ample waist and rammed myself hard to her waiting cunt!

"AHHH! I said watch it! What did you just-- whatever she wanted to say that time, I would never know for, with my right hand-- I covered her mouth. Then I started pumping into her the fast and furious way.

Funny, that time, I wasn't thinking of anything else except to teach Mhaydee the importance of keeping promises and of cutting deals. Thinking in retrospect, I admit I overreacted. My pent-up desires caught up with me that time coupled by the fact that she let herself be in this situation just because she mismanaged her finances in some way.

Several minutes after, when I thought she wouldn't scream or anything, I let go of her mouth and direct all my concentration into fucking her. Yes, I must say, Mhaydee was one of the tightest pussies I ever had. Like I said earlier, it felt like I'm having sex with a virgin. The feel of her vaginal walls wet and hot on my shaft as I worked myself in and deep within her then contracting as I pulled out was one of the most honest experience of pleasure I ever had that time.

She, on the other hand, had her eyes already rolled up as she felt the roughness of my manhood plunged deep in her cunt. Mhaydee couldn't even moan anymore. Her mouth just hanged open while I continuously pounded into her.

I knew it would be too easy if I let it continue that way. So I decided to change course. I withdrew from her and pulled her to me. When we're both standing, I kissed her then took hold of her and carried her up. It wasn't difficult because I stand at 5'6" and although lean, had considerable body strength. With her both legs anchored to my arms, I supported her weight by grabbing hold of her buttocks. I raised her a little higher and with a little aim, I managed to nestle my cockhead to her slit. I let gravity took its natural course. I simply loosened my hold of her a bit and my cock, inch by inch, slowly entered her waiting cunt from our standing position. Mhaydee scissored her arms on my back through my neck and shoulders. A few more adjustments to our position and we're good to go.

I simply juggled her using my hands to raise and lower her by kneading her butt. From below, I completed the action my slightly jumping, moving my hips so it still ended to me fucking her. The sensation it brought us both was really awesome. On the first few juggles, she couldn't help herself but cummed right away! Her juices freely flowed and trailed from her battered cunt down my legs.

"Yes! Yes! YES! Oh, my, god. . . Ohhh. . ." Listening to her moans alone added more stimulus in our action. I decided it's time for me to reap my just rewards.

I walked her towards the nearest wall and placed her back flat on it. Securing our position, I adjusted my hold of her and slightly bended my knees. It really was a challenge despite her small frame but I did it anyway.

I then started fucking her in earnest from that position. My cock reached all the way deep inside her, the penetration made even solid due to her almost being trapped on the wall.

"Oh! Ah! Ah! Uhm, oh! Ah! Ah! Oh!" On and on came her moans as I rapidly fucked her. The pressure build up and knowing all too well the familiar sensation in my loins, I banged her even harder! Despite the chill of the night and the coldness of the cement wall, we're both sweating heavily. I stooped lower while continuously ramming into her so as to suckled her breasts. I nibbled and licked her nipples, tasted her salty sweet sweat.

"Uhm, uh, uh, uhm! Oh! Ah! OHH. . ." Mhaydee cummed again and it was my cue. When I felt her juices gushing from her insides, with a few more strokes, I exploded.

"Oh, uhm, oh! AHHH!" Mhaydee screamed as she was surprised with the first jet of my hot sperm filling her womb. As I ejaculated, I plunged into her deeper and actually bit her right nipple as I suckled on her breast. When I felt my teeth came into contact with her swollen nub, I opened my mouth and released her breast altogether. I simply watched her pretty face as... Read More

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